Happening in Maine Today

Jack Sargeant is…[poll max=20 public=true]

  • An Entrepreneur
  • A Criminal

Love it! And that’s southern Maine, imagine what the Maniacs up a north are cooking up? LOL! :yum::v:️:stuck_out_tongue::seedling::heart_eyes::peace_symbol:️:sunglasses::heart:


Good for him but sounds like they are going to shut him down soon though

Well I’m not too proud to copy cat. I’ve been trying to launch my own cannabis based business here as well. Due to forum policy I’m unable to provide any links. Let’s just say fundraising premiums include bumper stickers, magnets and cannabis goods samples that currently don’t require a food permit to produce.
The people attending the NECC will soon find out all about it. Until Jane Mills says “knock it off” anyway.

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@willd I think gifting and sampling now while the legislators work things out is a smart way to develop a local base…there are huge Grow facilities operatiing in MA and more being built…I think the “small batch” market will be very alluring to many medical and rec clientele.

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so here’s whats happening in Maine today! Couldn’t find this on their website, but this was on their facebook page

Happy 420 to all my maniac friends! signed, your favorite masshole not named masshole! @bob31

@Willd is that you?


I find it amusing that his cooler says,

" sex, drugs and blueberries"

@Sl1 yeah I don’t quite get that one either?

@bob31 maybe he is also a blueberry grower or gatherer?

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