Happened overnight

How many teaspoons of big bloom how many teaspoons of grow big how many teaspoons of tiger bloom. Per gallon of what kind of water. Any additives.
What soil.

Sure you did not mean to much nitrogen.

I use happy frog and give 1 teaspoon big bloom and a half teaspoon grow big 1 teaspoon call mag. Till a week before flip then start adding sometimes a teaspoon sometimes a half teaspoon tiger bloom. Feed like that for 2 weeks after light flip
Then every other feeding 2 teaspoons big bloom a half teaspoon grow big sometimes I put a teaspoon of tiger bloom in. Then every other feed. I use 1 teaspoon big bloom half teaspoon grow big and half teaspoon tiger bloom teaspoon or two of epsom salt and 2 or 3 teaspoons of potasium. I do that till like week 6 of flower. Also every 3 weeks I give mycros.
Thats about it. All is subject to change as they grow. I have also never done what they csll flushing. I stopped that because when I was doing it I ended up with problems. I do feed till I get at least 3 or 4 cups of run off ever time bus I generally leave it. I was vacuuming it up but since I stopped I get the same results. I do ph my tap water to 6.2. 6.5. 6.7. Depending. Sometimes I let the chlorine gas off sometimes but more often than not I go straight from the tap add nutes and into plants all within 15 minutes.
Moral: Do you! Experiment and find what works for your situation.

Oh I would add epsome and molasses to help right now. Sorry for long post. I ramble when tired. I am generally tired I work a lot.

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Forgot to post the FF autoflower feeding schedule.

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When everyone says cut nutes in half to start, do you mean half of the lowest number in the feed range? For example : FF TB says 1-3 TSP for feed or 4 TSP heavy feed. So 1/2 TSP per Gallon?

So the parameter is 1-4 tsp choose the half way, 2 tsp. FF schedule actually says 2 tsp so go 1 unless your using TB only to feed your plant.

Awesome. I was wondering based on the bottle instructions (albeit incorrect) , not the schedule. Sorry I didn’t clarify. Thanks for posting that one. So many different numbers/ranges to find a middle ground.

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I noticed that too on the pk boosters. The recomended dose on the FF schedule is due to the dirty dozen I think.

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