I’ve noticed lately that I often wake up feeling slightly hungover. It goes away as soon as I vaporize, but I don’t remember having anything like this before. (I’m 59 now and on a handful of heart meds twice a day.) When I haven’t smoked or vaporized for a couple of days, no hangover feelling. It’s not really bad, just a little nausea and headache.

Am I getting too old?

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We are all getting old. :slight_smile:

Lol, I also get that if I have been smoking alot, but I now limit myself to 1gram a day sometimes more on a Friday or Saturday night and I’ve been doing that for the last 6 or so months and have had no problems.


I too wake up feeling hung over but that’s just me in the morning :stuck_out_tongue: water and food usually does the trick for me

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I know I’m late to the conversation here, but I’d theorize it’s simply dehydration. Try to drink water or something with electrolytes in it while you’re smoking. I always skull a couple of glasses of water before I take my first hit and try to stay on top of it with the hydration. .


Hey old goat got ya beat by a few years, I’m 63. So no your not getting old yet, just wait till 60 then you can say it.

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