Hanging two HLG 260W XL's in a 4x4 tent


Obviously new member here and I’ve been reading up as much as I can on these lights. Currently using a King LED 1500W in a 4’x4’x80" tent with 5 plants. I originally was looking to add a Philzon COB light from the jungle, but after reading all the great things about these HLG lights… I decided to go with a comparable light from the Michigan-based budget grow light. It’s the Series 2+ RedSpec, 3500K light with XL heatsink.

I will eventually buy another and run both in the 4x4x80" flowering tent then retire the 1500W King LED into a 4x4x80" vegetation tent.

Plant goals:
Flowering tent: 2 plants at a time, LST, SCROG, etc
Veg tent: 2 plants + 1 possible mother plant + maybe some basil and oregano, idk

Currently, my tent has 2 crossbars at the top of frame. One crossbar is toward the back and that is holding my carbon filter + fan. The second crossbar has 2 ratchet pulleys attached to the King 1500W.

I’m struggling to visualize and hoping someone can give me that ‘ya durrr’ moment to put my mind at ease on how to hang 2 of these HLG 260W / Budget Series 2+ lights to maximize efficiency.

Thank you in advance!!!



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Here’s how I run mine

carbon filter and light only things in tent. Put both cross bars about 18" in and hang light from both cross bars

And you’ll only be able to reply a couple times they cut you off for the rest of the day to make sure your not a robot or scammer


I have 2 of the Budget series 3 250 xl’s in my 4x4. My filter is hung along the side & the lights are hung by ratchet hangers from the crossbars. Plenty of room. I could hang a 3rd light if I

wanted to. Those lights are awesome.


I don’t think my tent is… that cool. I only got two crossbars for the entire top of the tent.

I ordered additional 48" bars from the jungle: " VIVOSUN Grow Tent Support Pole, Hanging Bar for 4 by 4 Tent"

Just had my 'YA DURRR" moment. Assuming those 48" hanging bars fit in my non-Vivosun tent, I will run them perpendicular the carbon filter and hang the lights perpendicular to the carbon filter as well.

Fingers crossed that all 48" square tents are created equal. One review indicates they may not be :grimacing:


U can always get a rod and put it over the other 2 crossbars. I’ve used an adjustable curtain rod when I used the rent for drying…

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More examples for you. The lights are HLG 260 Rspec V2 (non-XL). Smaller tent is a 6" AC Infinity with one light hanging. There is an 8" AC Infinity in the larger tent with 2 lights.

I hang my lights on the crossbars with simple zip ties. The air systems are hung with 1/16th inch vinyl coated wire rope.

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Interesting idea. I will have to remember your trick for zip-tying the fan to the top rod. I just ordered another clip-fan for the opposite corner and a small oscillating fan for the floor.

Here’s another shot with reduced annoying blurple hue


I have my carbon filter and my fan outside of my tent



Wanted to follow up here. Purchased the Series 2+ XL from Budget Growlights and they didn’t disappoint. I pulled the trigger on Thursday and was able to take delivery of the light one day later. UN-REAL. It certainly helps they are operate out of Michigan and I’m in Illinois.

Best of all: My King LED is still within the return window, it’s going baaaaack!!

The girls seem to love it, feels like I’m getting a bunch more light penetration to the new growth beneath the huge fan leaves. I currently have the lamp 23" away from the top of the plants and about 70-80% power. I think I will move them to 100% sometime tomorrow if the plants don’t show any ill effect.

Board is much bigger than I thought it would be

Really like the way this fits in a 4’x4’ tent. This will be PERFECT when I start a 2 plant perpetual grow… Each plant will have its own light panel in veg!

Gratuitous light panel board shot


I have 2 260w Budget Rspec LEDs series 2. Same thing here I ordered on a Friday night and received following Monday morning. Absolutely no complaints about these lights.


Hey you gotta keep the weed happy!

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I wish I had gotten smart (by finding you all) before my burple return window expired.

I did order xl heat sinks and am converting my HLGs to XLs.

We all learn as we go, yeah?


My Budget 250xl’s are kicking ass in my 4x4. U are going to be very happy with them!

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Same same same!! I was searchin about COBs when I learned about hlg’s and then the budget Series 2+ etc –

Next one, best one!!

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Funny thing about my situation is that I bought some extra hanging rods for my current grow tent, but 48" isn’t always 48" i guess.

So I purchased a different brand tent, same dimensions and its the same company that provides the additional hanging bars (guaranteed to fit right?)

Tent on the right will become my veg tent, tent on the left the flower tent. I have to say, new tent seems better built.

Best part? The flower tent already came with enough bars to hang 2 Series 2+ lights as well as carbon filter!!


hey i see you run a 6in fan with 1 260. i was going to get a 4in ac infinity fan for a 2x4 tent with 260 rspec. Will it be enough. might run driver on outside of tent. thank you

It will be plenty for a 2x4. Agree it is a good idea to run the driver outside of the tent. A 2x4 isn’t all that big and heat might be an issue for you. The fan will help a lot too.

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