Hanging lights from ceiling joists

Looking to hang lights from the exposed 2x8 joists. I was thinking of using a threaded hook into the flatter (8") side of joist and then using the typical ratchets straps from there.
Typically the hooks are used in a vertical orientation, in this case I’m going to use them in a horizontal orientation, any done this before and had issues with it failing? Pic below of the type of hardware…

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Your lights won’t be heavy enough to cause an issue.


I mean what kind of light r u using u need big ole eye bolts like that lol. I think i have one of the heaviest lights ive seen so far and i use metal wire like coat hanger size and made my own little hooks to attach to screwed to the ceiling the rachets attached to that. I believe my one light says its like 65lbs or something nuts

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It’ll be plenty strong installed on the wide side of that board. Drill a small pilot hole first and use a screwdriver slided through the eyehook to spin it in.
Like mentioned above, you don’t need to go to big of hardware. Depending on your lights of course. I hate rachet hangers and only use light weight chain from light to hanger.



Nothing heavy lol. I have 2 HLG 135’s and a chilledtech x3. They are all led and not heavy, but they were somewhat pricey so I want to be sure. I didn’t get anything too thick for hardware.

I may look into the chain idea as well.

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Something like this…

And I got a couple boxes of these…

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