Hanging LED lights

I just got my vipar 300w led light… i will be growing in a small walkin closet. any suggestion on hanging my light, and how to raise an lower them?

p.s. is it too soon to tell from the pic if this is an indica or sativa strain ?

I have my lights hanging with a piece of primary wire from an eyelet in the ceiling,…then tied off on a shower rod…tacky, but it works.

I think the rule of thumb is about 30 inches up for seedlings,… then 16-24 for veg,…then like 12-20 for flower…each light is different…if you google the light vipar should have a page where they recommend a distance…then you adjust up and down over a couple days until you find the sweet spot for your light and your plants.

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thanks for the reply, any one with pics of their setup? i want something economical and effective. i guess i need to go to the hardware store and see what i can come up with

Used adjustable light hangers

…support your local hydro store or get them on Amazon etc.