Hanging LED lights Vertically


Can you hang LED lights on the side? For instance…I have a 300W Galaxy Hydro square light above the plants…can they be hung vertically to point to the sides of the plant?


@dmykins yes sir, many do that just for side lighting.


@dmykins absolutely they can be they actually make great side lights
@Daddy is on point
@Hogmaster actually does that in his grow room all the he time



I’ll have to get some for my next grow!


Yeah when I redo my grow room I’ll be angling a few of my lights as well
I’m my tents there justvisnt enough room to do it proper with 4 plants



I know the feeling lol


It’s a good problem to have tho haha @dmykins



@Hogmaster the electrician in me is going absolutely bonkers looking at that wiring lol!


She’ll be right mate. You just need more meds.


I agree but certainly have seen worse lmao


Oh ya, you can say that again!

I definitely meant it more humorous than picking on the hogmaster. It looks messy and not in good electrical safety practice, but far from the worst thing I’ve seen in last 6 months.