Hanger for quantum board

Growing for the first time and overwhelmed!

My seedling has sprouted - YAY! But I noticed it leaning to the sun so need a grow light. I have the baby sitting in a southeast window, and added one of my dinky houseplant lamps to it. From what I’ve read I should get a quantum board.

My question - is there a pole or something out there to hang one, so it doesn’t have to hang from the ceiling? I’m in an apartment and would prefer some kind of pole instead of drilling into the ceiling. If that’s not feasible - anyone have any other ideas?

This forum is great, soooooooo much to read though and it quickly gets overwhelming so I’m trying to digest it a bit at a time!

Thanks in advance!

Also - is there a phone app for this site?


Welcome to the community ! grow tents come with support bars in top to hang exhaust fan an lights from.
Grow tent will also help you to control odor temperature, and humidity. Just my thoughts good luck


Yeah get a tent, a 2x2 will do nicely for 1 plant, that’s what I’m using.