Hang to dry? Or jus shut lights off?

Curious what anyone’s opinion is letting the plant stay whole and begin cure this way of course temp and all accounted for does it make it a difference to let your plant die off naturally or chop and hang

Plenty of opinions on this. Some say let it dry out and die. Some say harvest in the dark. Some will drill or split the stalk for more sugar. It all depends on your preferences.
Of course, this assumes you have flushed to make it a smooth smoke?

Me, I prefer to cut at dawn, hang individual branches that have been trimmed.


I agree with @tanlover442 theres to many factors and diffrent climates, myself im in . South Texas, getting my A/C up to 70 degrees is a must, i prefer to hang hole plant, and do a dry trim. Just my opinion , theres more than one way to skin a cat.