Halloween HIGH!

Happy Halloween errybody!! It’s ya girl from The 2409 Labs wondering what all you fine people are going to be smokin on this All Hallows Eve. Are you locking up on the couch with your favorite indica watching horror flicks? You taking them kids out trick or treating so you’re toking some firey sativa getting energized like adderall?
What’s the plan tonight people?!!

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@the2409labs. Good morning and Happy Halloween to you too :jack_o_lantern:

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What’s up @repins12?1 You’re an early riser also!! What’s your favorite “wake up” strain? Which beautiful lady starts your day?
My two favorite morning strains are Durban Poison and Jet Fuel!!
But currently, I am obsessed with Sour Gelato. I might let Ms. S. Gelato take me through the entire day!

I’m more of an after work toker now a days. With the job I have, I can’t wake and bake like I used to. Sucks but, it pays the bills so I can play.Yep, early riser 3-3:30 every morning, working or not. I guess it’s just habit. Doesn’t seem to make a difference how late I am up either. Kinda sucks, there are some days, I wish that I could sleep in.

@repins12 : want a job? Lol? That’s why time my staff arrives to the farm! 3:30 for lights up at 4:00!
Is 3:00-3:30 the golden waking hour for growers?! I’ve spoken to a bunch of other growers, professional and hobbyists alike and more people than I’d expect wake up around then for plant checks and to start their days.

G’day, well usually I’m up late to chat with u guys… I was like what time is it… :yawning_face:

smoking high quality cure anonymous bud vac sealed. $300 AUD. so bud, how hard was it to figure the books with taxes staff etc to do it legally. im new to indoor and the margins must be tight, or the scale must be large?

nice to meet u. :grinning:

not legal in oz obviously

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Ilgm bubblegum :smiley:, in fact its my bud of the month submission.

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Pineapple crack here. Mmmmm hmmm gets me moving.

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@kettle: first round of bullshit was licensing. Fuck that process AND the horse it rode in on. I don’t care to go through that ever again. I was especially more nervous because I was transitioning from super illegal to legal as opposed to just starting legal from the jump. It was tricky. I definitely surrounded myself with lawyers.
During that process I was writing my corporate statements, articles of organization and general business registration stuff like any random business. That was fine but I am neurotic and a major perfectionist so it was a little annoying for my fiance/ business partner.
After those things were straight, we ran the place on our own for almost a year. It took a while to recover the upstart costs. I mean we hired some peeps here and there for hatvest and trim.
Then when we were finally able to start building our staff the payroll and taxes and insurances weren’t that hard. The most difficult part is finding an insurance company that will fuck with you in the first place since insurances are generally federal products and even though we’re legal, it’s still federally illegal so that was annoying. But once the right insurance people were on board and they coordinated with the lawyer people it was relatively smooth sailing.
In terms of our size: compared to the massive 200,000 square foot commercial factory farms, I’m just a skidmark on their panties, lol. But we’ve got a pretty substantial setup that makes me quite proud.
I’ve mentioned in some other threads my philosophy on large factory farms and in a nutshell: I don’t like conveyor belts, infrared scanners, and robotics running my shit. Cannabis is a regal plant that deserves respect and nurturing. I grow cannabis that’s cared for with love by people with a skilled eye and a trained hand and a nimble mind and I believe that my product reflects that deep care and respect. With all that shit said, I purposely keep it relatively small in comparison to the factory growers and I always will. (Unless i can find a way to expand and maintain those same core values…)
Sorry for babbling on! I tend to do that.


@SeenDog. Sounds super yummy!!! How does she taste??

@Axemanjake23. Yoooo!!! That’s a good choice!!! She’ll set you nice for the day!! Enjoy that fire!!

Insurance… who would have thought, :grinning:. don’t appologise for babbling about that stuff, its interesting. :grin:. have a great day, im off to bed,:yawning_face::grin:

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Good morning, and Happy Halloween. I haven’t smoked in 35 years, but grow due to my wife still smokes. I get drug tested regular at work. I’ll be retiring in three years once my son is done with college. Then I’ll be able to smoke once again with my wife. I’m growing some GSC, Gold Leaf, Super Skunk, and Maui Wowie at this time. Got some Afghan, and Gorilla Glue cured for her now.


I sure wish that it was legal in my state. I could then do what I truly enjoy for a living. If I could grow legally outdoors, I would never have to worry about loosing over half of my crop again. I would still need to learn to grow indoors for when the season changes. I’m looking forward to getting my set up all together. Just about there

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@kettle: business insurance and then the insurances I offer my employees as part of their benefits package.

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@Agentorange i bet you’re just itching for the day when you can enjoy a smooth rip that sends you into dream land.

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@repins12. Please keep me updated as you expand your grow!! I love helping new growers bust into the biz, expand their grow and configure larger systems!! Plus it just makes me happy to see people grow more.

@the2409labs. I will and thanks. I have met so many great people on this forum. If you get a chance take a look at my post, First Indoor Tent Set Up and let me know what you think. Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated. I have grown outdoors since a very young age. I’m getting older and I am getting tired of being a guerilla grower and loosing over half of my crop every year. I figured if I started growing indoors, I could grow less, loose less and produce a better product. I will still probably grow a couple outdoors but concealed in my yard so I can tend to them better. My first post I believe was Trying this indoor growing thing

Let’s see: It could be…

Purple Haze
Black D.O.G.
Thai Haze
Northern Lights
Green Crack
Gorilla Glue
RQS Diesel
Sour Diesel
White Widow
Cherry Gelato
Game Changer
Blue Caramel
West Coast
Bloody Skunk

Plus some lovely fresh kief.
Oh yeah: and brownies