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@MattyBear Thank you!!

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@Newt Thank you so much my balance buddy

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The pre harvest trim is almost done


Found loads of bud rot on my BBs and only going to yield about 8 to 10 oz but it looks good just over a pound tossed hurts

That bucket is full of buds just like that one all waste


@Oldstoner dang that’s got to hurt, sorry for your loss. So the buds are rotted? You can’t make anything with it at all like a topical or something?

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I probably could save some but the risk is really not worth the reward . Plus the way mold or bud rot spreads I don’t want it to spread too the ones with none on it . I pretty much make tinctures and canna caps or butter And don’t have a press to get shatter out of them so yaeh just a loss . But I have had a excellent yield on a couple of plants and am well over a pound more than I have ever got for a yield as I only grow 4 at a time


@Oldstoner I understand now thank you for explaining it to me I appreciate the info.

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It’d hard controlling outdoor humidity , but the rewards and potency is no indoor light can compare to the natural light quality !


In another Post I was just saying how the clone from my garden was taken from a indoor grow and I still have some left . The clone just got to where I can test some of the first buds and they are to where they are no longer nasty (almost finished curing ) . You wouldnt even think it was the same strain , the look , smell , flavor , but especially the buzz . My indoor plant looked and smelled better and was much prettier for pictures. But the outside one just gave that ear ringing pressure in the temples with a fat Tablespoon of couch lock .
I’m going to have to cut my bowl size down now @yoshi