Hail damage - what do i do?

hey peeps, got all my plants outdoor on balcony, 4 days ago we had major winds, Hailstorms *3 spells (half the size of a golf ball)Hailstorm I fed Kelpak once soil dried, & nutes this morning - what do i do with these buds, do i wait a little longer ?, or just cutt them off and be done with it ?, will more grow? - please guide me

I lost all mine from a storm looks like you can save them got a better pic of the whole plant how bad did she get it ?


Hi the no worry’s My Maui wowie got attacked by hail about 3 weeks ago and she’s still doing really good now more then ever , a few leaves had(still has) holes is and some branches had natural super cropping done but now her sister plant has the stress of dam birds stealing the fingers off the leaves :man_facepalming:

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heres more pics, hope they’re better

they seem to be recovering, not drooping so much. I’ve gone ahead & LST’d them like crazy to keep them low (trying to go around the pot, but running outa space), looks very untidy, 1st time grower/1st time LST - most importantly, i think they gonna be ok, didn’t cut off any top as yet


Looks great. I think this is one very resilient plant we’re growing. I had a caterpillar attack in my last grow outside. They ate some stems inside colas and so some buds turned brown and fell out. I sprayed and several weeks later the harvest was fine. So unless the hail totally breaks the stems, I would just consider it extreme stress training and see what it does. Supercropping actually requires you to break major stems. This is just natural supercropping.

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thx BigFella, you are spot on ‘bud’ :grinning: they seems to be recovering well, i finished LST all of them around the pots and already they popping up all round the pot - thx for the encouragement/support man

How they doing?

Hey man, thx for asking, all you guys advice & support was spot on - these r HARDY plants - trimmed off the damage & rest recovered beautifully :+1:- Then i vacationed for 10 days - my luck, full on heat wave without any rain at all. Half survived, the rest dried & cured in their pots:grinning:, easier to smile bout it now - GOOD NEWS, i now have more germinated & growing (some AUTOS too) - didn’t post any pics as i didn’t wanna use this forum as a bragging platform & no issues so far - so wish me luck peeps - i’ve got 3 in flowering, 1 startin to flush tomorrow (5% clear, 90% milky, 5% amber tricombs), gonna start flushing them a week apart to make the harvest manageable - cheers man, thx again :crossed_fingers: