Had trouble with bill pay

I wasn’t able to get bill pay to work so I had to send a check order #510741

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Customer service would probably be a better bet, than posting on the public forum. We have nothing to do with orders here. We’re just like you, we just want to grow’em. :seedling: @elbag

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yh … ok - i do cash to some lawyer in ca … copper something ish — takes a month ish — send a greeting card = tinfoil some 20s — write order number under the “sad to her of your botched proctology exam”

i doubt hallmark makes greeting cards like that - but its funny

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Welcome to ILGM forum. @Covertgrower is right. Contact customer service. They will not disappoint.

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I wanted to add usually when payment is denied it’s not ILGM. Many credit card companies and bank’s will think payment may be fraudulent.

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Yep, with my other bank, I had to call them to “open a window for foreign transactions “ idiots. I switched banks. It’s my money.


Probably it’s a algorithm that is set up to deny payment. Who knows, right.

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I gave up on my bank and CC companies, it took several phone calls to them to get a payment approved and even then it did not go through most of the time.

I send cash in the mail now. No issues and quick delivery, just follow the instructions that your receive from ILGM to package your payment.


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I have used the one method of payment we are not allowed to mention here, starting with the word Z. It works great except when ILGM can’t find or loses the payment. Hard to believe with the order number on the payment. Going forward I will send a screen shot of the payment as the transaction is finalized. I used the same method with another site, and it went very smooth. They sent emails as soon as payment was posted, and another with tracking number as soon as they were being readied for shipment. They also have a live customer chat option during work hours that I found helpful.