Had to Pull them!


Last Sunday we dropped into the 30’s overnight as I was worried it would damage them , since then it has been in the mid 70’s all day and sunny with nite temps in the low 40’s and 50’s !! I have them hanging in my garage , I have no circulation in there so I have been cracking the garage door for a couple hours each day , Am I doing it right so far ?? Its been almost a week , I left the leaves on and the buds are still tacky !



Are you saying that you cannot aford a fan? If you do not invest in the little things in order to be successful; You are going to find many issues from grow to grow.


I am sorry for my income level my friend , as I have stated before I am disabled and live on $550 a month and am due to have surgery on BOTH of my hands in October due to trigger finger , I also have brain cysts and nerve damage due to a broken back and neck and diabetic neuropathy as well ! I have a plethora of other ailments as well that cause me pain , My wife is also disabled due to cancer of the spine that left her a paraplegic , Our medical bills alone kill us !

I will try to borrow a fan but until then can only leave the doors to my garage cracked open each day which brings me back to my original question as to how long do I let my plants hang before I start trimming the buds ??

Thanks in advance !



Till you can snap the stock like a twig as long as your buds aren’t drying to fast


You hang them any where from 1-2 weeks for an exact time and curing will be any where from 1-3 weeks hope that’s out for ya


If you are in an extremely humid environment then mold or mildew could be a problem without circulation.

However, where I live in a desert environment, I have to work to prevent drying too fast.

So, unless it is an extremely dry climate where you live, circulation of any kind will help. If the humidity level is way down due to the fall season, even in humid country, then you may not have anything to worry about.

Too slow a dry can be as bad as too fast, just in different ways. Slow and steady is the key. Then cure in mason jars for optimum smoke…if you have enough patience.

You sound like a vet or a cop with all of the ailments, so thanks for your service if so! Fellow vet here. Prayers to your wife and you for healing.


U.S, Navy my friend lol !! I am not a cop but back in the day I washed more than my fair of cruisers lol !
This is an old post and I got the jump on my plants this year and have already cloned 4 for a total of 6 WW which will do me just fine , I purchased the seeds here last year and after a long wait they arrived damaged !! Soooo after a email to support they sent me double what I originally ordered but it was to late to grow outside last year ! I started 2 in early Feb and they are over 4 ft tall now and as soon as I know we are done with Frosts all 6 are going into the ground !! I am actually quite proud of the fact that I grew them with CFL lights !!


Sweet. Wish I had started earlier. Navy here, too.


us navy as well uss Kitty Hawk .HT class … sincerely a fellow squid …Hammer. ps good luck on the grow .


I was on west coast; USS Bainbridge CGN-25, signalman. Every time we sailed a dude on board from LA would always seem to come up with lots of Thai Stick…mmmm, good memories.

Seems like we sailed with the Kitty hawk a few times. We used to chat back and forth with the signalmen on their ship with semaphore and morse code lights. We were nuclear and sailed alone mostly.


USS VULCAN AR-5 , I was a BMSN , Our major claim to fame was we were the 1st ship in the Navy to have women on board lol !! Out of Nofuck Vagina !


USS CONCORD HMS pier 6 Norfolk Va :v:


Hi neighbor ! They used to call us Pier 5 Building lol !!


Well Crap !! Just went out to check my kids out ( been sick for a couple of days ) and one of my store bought (fem) WW’s has went to seed ?? WTF ??


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


The post about my finances was last tear and I have already rectified that !!
This is this years grow !!