Had to harvest early


Got 1st bit of bud rote so i had to chop one of my girls this is on the tops off one plant :seedling:


You probably did the right thing; don’t mess with bud rot! I had to break down and buy a dehumidifier for my setup several months ago. Made all the difference in the world.


Good call. Bud rot sucks! I lost most of last years harvest, as did many others, to that. Hopefully they will still pack a punch and you got some big buds!


Sweet looking buds! Like the others said, don’t mess with that stuff. Glad you found it and chopped it before it got worse. @Caosred


Good lookin buds though @Caosred
Hope fully it is dry enough here for me to dodge this issue but we will see
Good looking grow for sure man sorry you had to cut her down early but ya gotta do what ya gotta do man happy harvesting the rest of your girls are looking good
Did we ever find what was going on woth the plant that was having foliar issues?


Oh yes dehumidifiers really help


Yes probably a phosphorus thing or or some epson salt in water will fix it


I did the same thing. I’m just about ready to get it going again as I see the humidity getting higher during the night when the lights are off.