Had to drop size of growing area

Hi guys and gals. Due to the Strick Laws of Western Australia (sucks). I have set up a micro grow tent I have a 450 watt l.e d The tent can hold 2, 3 Gallon pots, I am using the D.W.C. All set up What I really need to know ? Can I grow 2 small Auto’s, same strain in one pot, same again in the other pot. Without strangling the Roots. Getting enough smoke To keep a 70 year old Happy Regards Walter.W.A. Stay High.Luv Ya All.


3 gal is already a very small pot. Your yield is going to be the same as one plant .complicated with more problems.root bound and other things .Even my flowers I plant them 1 foot apart.


2 in 1 pot may put you in a situation where the plant with stronger roots chokes and kills the other. Better off just trying to get 1 plant as big as practical (not as big as possible) in each.

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Thanks for help and advice Guys. What strain do you recommend, for a good high and a reasonable grow result.

I use about a ounce per Month. Regards Walt W. Australia.

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There are so many… What kind of buzz do you like? Head high? Body relaxation? Energetic? Relaxing?

Hi Aloysius.Thanks for getting back to Me.I have been growing weed outdoors for years but had to come indoors for law related Reasons I have been try to grow Hydroponic since December last year.Had 3 full crop failures.Due to drowning, rootrot,ect. Lost 3 orders from I.L.G.M.Heart breaking.Having to pay $ 350 a ounce for a sub standard smoke.Anyway a fellow grower lent me 3 Feminised Gold leaf seeds and told me to go on the Forum,the experts would get me started up. I have been sucsessful and all 3 have started to Flower. Moving on.I have a micro grow unit set up now which can grow 2 feminised,or 3 Auto’s. Using the D.W.C. I am in my 70s now.so smoke it during the day.so a Energetic buzz would work well. and a good head high in the evenings I am ready to order again using different strains.As you probably know variety is the Spice of Life.Thanks Mate Regards Walter.West Aussie


Blue Dream is one of my favorite daytime smokes. It’s hard for me to find sativa leaning stuff around here. Apparently indicas are what’s popular. I have grown a hybrid that showed pretty strong Haze traits from one of the parents and that was a good daytime smoke. Nighttime favorites are Blue Cheese and Skywalker OG. I’ve been wanting to try Green Crack for a daytime and GG4 for nighttime.

@AloysiusDevadanderAbercrombie I think you will enjoy Green Crack then. I also love Blue Dream by Humboldt version. I have used GG4 for a night time smoke. She always hit like a freight train for me.

I need a dossier for marijuana strains I have smoked and also grown. :+1::+1::+1:

@wolodimir I have zero knowledge of DWC, but I can only see problems with more than 1 plant per bucket setup.



Another sandgroper here and it’s a matter of not getting busted.

Just looked it up less than 100 grams and less than 20 plants you can claim as personal use. You still will face a heavy fine and have to prove your case.

Were are U Based In Gods Own Country StevOz. Walt.W.A.

Gods own Universe it is, as if man could know God after what maybe 10 thousand years or so compared to the estimated universe’s age: 13.77 billion years , give or take 40 million years. All religion is fraud, first created to control the population through fear.

StevOz from the best part of the lucky country Western Australia.

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What a legend mate. I can’t answer your question but few extras and the punishment wouldn’t be worth stressing about. Definitely envious though that your able to legally have a crack. Good luck and enjoy your fruits of your labour

Keep it simple , work 2 pots of 3 gal as needed per law , improve your lighting and maybe training techniques to maximize yield