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I know a lot of us out there newer growers, we have a hard time figuring out the million dollar question… Male or Female?. Well I may be wrong here, but my first grow was bag unknown seed, could of been either male, female, or hermi. Now I tried to germinate 9 seeds. This was the only one to sprout and become a plants. Now it’s about 50/50 Wethersfield it’s gonna be a male or female, correct? Now durring the grow I noticed that some it woukd grow quite a lot of side branches and leaves. Now I would also be reading about and look at the females would be full of branches and leaves and the males would hardly have any on them, they just have a little bit different look to them. Now I know you can’t definitively say whether or not a male until it shows sex in the pre flower or the full on flower stage, but you can have a good estimate if I am correct. I need more data to prove this to muself, but if might help if anyone has noticed it or read about it somewhere I haven’t seen it. We’ll mine turned out to be a girl, I had to wait till she showed me the goods in flower, but I already had a good indication, because I was paying attention to how much was actually growing, was there new side branches and new leaves, it started to fill out more than males I had seen an read about so I had a good feelin she would be a female. Now did that make any sense to anyone or is it just another random thought I had when I was smokin?
Maybe @garrigan62, @Hogmaster or anyone else can chime in as well. Thank y’all

Keep your head low and smoke rollin


i can kinda agree with what you are saying. still depending on the strain of the seed and its genetics, many male plants can still have the shape, figure, and growth of a female. If you know the strain you are growing then you might have a better idea of what your female plants should look like and yes males tend to have a bonier structure. if that makes any sense lol

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Yes that “bare bones” kinda look, ya? I understand that if you know the strain an how it grows it would definitely help narrow it down, but I was just sayin that if someone was wondering they could possibly look at this case and base theirs off of this and maybe help them help themselves know better or be able to decide for themselves. If that makes sense

You’re a very good observer @Hawkeye_diesel and you have a very good hunch, it’s true that can be an early way to sexing a plant here’s a link from this site that give tricks to do so and your’s part of it, :+1::ok_hand::v:

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@Niala, I actually am a.member of the course and have a membership to his course. That’s where I did some reading, also in grow journals and kind of self teaching myself to be able to pick up on the slightest signs of sex.

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Ô I see, good advise anyway Diesel :+1::ok_hand::v:

Males will always grow faster than females. They grow taller and lanky and like you said we’ll be kind of sparse around the bottom.
They know they need to get above the females so they can wind pollinate them.

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@Niala, That is a very good article to read tjough, I would encourage everyone here to do the free trial an see how you like it an see if you want to do it monthly or do it all at once for a single price, just check it out.

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I did take the “grow skill” one :wink::innocent::v: I am out of money for the others :money_with_wings::dash::chart_with_downwards_trend: and need to buy bloom nutrients for what I can spare lol :wink::innocent::v: And I do recommand the course as well :+1::ok_hand::v:

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@Niala, feel ya there, I’m waitin on my tent, and I’m buying it as I need the past to keep me from drop in so much money at once haha

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You bet, growing can be costly, however it worth every cents… lol :sunglasses: After my bloom nutrients, I gone a put aside for a tent… may be late this year…

Why are you buying bloom nutes?
Do you have access to wood ash?
2 cups to a gallon of water, 2 tsp of epsom salts… skake well and let set for 2-3 hours, and you have the best organic bloom nutes you could get!!!

Shake it and water normally… yea, it looks like mud. But the plants LOVE it!


Or, you could just pay money for them.


Thanks for the tip @Traumamedic it’s really appreciated and I will try it if I found wood ash , a big thanks :+1::ok_hand::grinning::innocent::v:

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@Traumamedic, do you mean like ask from wood that has been burnt? Say in a firepit or fireplace?

I have a woodstove so I have about 50 lbs of ash on hand right now. Looks like I’m making nutrients! Bookmarked too.

Yep… from Good wood like Oak, Maple, Poplar.

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We’re in business then, I have a big ole fire pit in my back yard and I love to have bonfires.

And if you don’t think it works, here’s your proof. I just took this picture for you.

Been feeding mine wood ash for over 4 weeks now.

No bloom nutes, I make my own.


I just have to be really nice with my neighbour and ask kindly if he want to give me some , maybe he’s gone a be happy if I offer my self to clean his woodstove !? Thanks again @Traumamedic it’s really appreciated :+1::ok_hand::innocent::v:


And thanks @bob31 to make me think about a woodstove :wink::innocent::+1::v:

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