Had a plant super strech in veg

So I had I plant that I didn’t have quite enough light room for so it got lanky af for 3 nodes haven’t done any training to this point but want to flip this weekend. It’s almost 3’ from the soil. Should I just anchor down to a 90° or as close as possible and go with that. Thanks

Get some bambo stakes and start pining her down with lst because shes going to double in size going into flower

Can’t I just use thick training wire to train it down at like a 90° or more?

Yes you can. You’ll probably want to give a week to recover before flip because super cropping can be really hard on them if your cropping enough of them.

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Super cropping? Low stress training is by definition low stress isn’t super cropping a very high stress way of training. Idk I guess I’m confused by your comment.

If you bend a plant stem at a 90° angle it’s called supercropping

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Thanks for clarifying. When you mentioned super cropping fimming jumped into my head. Also didn’t realize that super cropping was hst. I love it when things get pointed out. It triggers me to research something and find out on my own.lol I also have issues with blindly listening to anyone. Seriously thanks man

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That was the same for me even I first showed up :metal:

Lol so this just went horribly wrong I think.

Should I stake back up right or leave it tied how it is and wait?

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That’s a fair looking super crop. I would tie her branch down so it doesn’t stand back up and keep her right there.

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Ok cool. When I felt that small snap it scared me. Ok I can handle fair.lol. So there is good don’t move it down to a precise 90° or leave fair enough alone? Thanks again. I think I’m going to start a journal for the 4 plants goung to flower and then the 2 autos I’m gonna start.

It is tied just took a pick of the bend

Just tie it down so she don’t try to stand back up… She looks fine… :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you need more space you can go deeper, just be careful

Yea thats why you dont do 90° angles after about 3 weeks of growth now you NEED supports

Thanks I’m happy where it is. It was necessary for this plant second grow bad planning started a couple weeks to early so ran out of light space oh well another took learned and tried successfully so far. Having to stake it doesn’t bother me so much