Had a bad grow for the first time


Dang im sorry to hear that. Hopefully thats your new grow they look good


Do you have a question.


Right, The Kings kush was not smokable with small buds it is the purple plant grape ape x og Kush. Any chances it was my fault that my lifelong strain i have wanted to grow for so long came out a dud. I think it was the cold that stunted growth or I just popped a bad phenotype. I plan on growing some weight this year so I can stop buying but don’t want another bad plant.

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@Architectstoner why did you have to go outside? Colder temps can reduce yield, turn a healthy green plant purple, stunt flowering, and overall produce a plant that won’t mature and ripen properly.

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I have to admit I am living in a not so pot friendly residence and had no choice but to go back to outdoor growing. On top of that I am getting ready to grow a total of 13 different strains outdoor.

Here are the Gelato crosses The Guava is the one turning purple and one more Kings Kush picture with small buds. I order alot more seeds and dont want this to happen again.

Super lemon haze harvest or the buds I kept

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Timing is everything with outdoor grows. Sounds like you didn’t have a chance to continue indoors so next go-around, I would start indoors and time it so you harvest around October (before chance of frost)… just what I learned but maybe other have more specific recommendations. Good luck!

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How can I be a better grower?

@Architectstoner why did you have to go outside? Cannabis origins (although debated) are from Southeast Asia. These places are warm rainforest like climates all year around. Cannabis enjoys temperatures between 85 degrees to 65 degrees, anything outside of that will decrease THC and slow growth. The plant will go into shock around 55 degrees, even if it doesn’t die per se but it will not complete its flowering cycle correctly because it’s just trying to survive. If you had to go outside because of smell or space etc I would suggest a tent or only start seeds inside before spring to then take them outside during summer. If you plan your seeds correctly you can get a good (multiple plant) harvest around October that will last you until the next years harvest. Happy growing!

How much light are you getting there? Hours wise? The picture looks like it may have revegged? I have a few clones a revegged and the buds look exactly like that! :person_shrugging:t5:

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Practice!!! Practice!! Practice!! The best gardeners have killed the MOST PLANTS! Take everything that goes WRONG! As a learning experience and be happy that your given these challenges to become a better grower! I started with auto’s had 7 out of 10 make it. Started 7 purple punch about a month after! Then the PP grew one male stamen on the bottom of one the plants! That I didn’t catch before it opened! So I got seeds in everything! I was super bummed out and second thinking my new hobby! But then I realized I’m only getting better! Learning what to look for? Learning this magnificent plant that I’m lucky enough to cultivate! Good luck! I’m starting my seeds for outside at the end of march hoping they can get outside by the end of April. Or begging of may!

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@Architectstoner Edit from my previous response: I read you don’t live somewhere cannabis friendly. Get yourself a tent with the best airflow filter system on the market. That was my number 1 complaint - that my whole house smelled like cannabis when the plants were in late veg and all of flowering stage. It was like a sucker punch every time you walked in. I got a tent with a great air filtering system with the elephant trunk vent that you can point anywhere (99% of the smell is gone from that but if you want 100% no smell, put the elephant trunk outside a window) now my plants can be in any stage and I smell nothing! I hope that helps.

Sorry to hear about the plants. Cold temperature’s can definitely take a toll on the them. What about nutrients? If they aren’t getting what they need your bud development will suffer.

Thanks for all the replies. It looks like the weather was the culprit and I need to never grow outdoors during winter…unless you want smaller underdeveloped buds The plants are in a huge, wooded area so I am safe there unlike my indoor spot. The plants are getting fed the entire General Hydroponics line and Heay 16 foliar. Those nutrients kept them alive and kept them going. Strength is also playing a factor the BH x G is responding better with feedings between 1000-1100 ppm (I hit it hard when I was feeding the KK and SLH their final feeing micro/bloom/floralicious plus/floranetar/and dry koolbloom) I usually feed at 800-900 ppm 6.3-6.5 PH. The smell of that Kush was delicious though and SLH smelled like pine-sol. Anybody try out the USA mix pack these will be some of the strains I’m growing this year.

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Just a update on this grow. The gelato crosses are still alive and kicking. The haze has a slight taste of hay in there still but fading. Learned a lot about drying and curing, catch those terps and cure slightly wet and the smell will explode the high is exceptional and I prefer it over dryer bud much more uplifting and strong. I also ordered a 2ml of True terpene Super lemon Haze I will use these when I get a stressed harvest such as this one. Here are some pics of GHS blue haze x Gelato 41 and Guava x Gelato 41. Can’t wait for March to start the new grow with ILGM USA pack got my seeds quick.


Warning! If you use Fox farm happy frog soil and grow auto flower beware of high nitrogen levels in the soil, especially using GH flora series expert line or advanced nutrients. Found out My downward clawing leaves are from nitrogen toxicity. Each autoflower has 1 clawing leaf. One is an 11-week strain and the purple on is a 9-week strain. so I’m guessing that’s why the main stalk has no bud yet but the surrounding does on the blue haze x gelato 41 + 27 degree weather.

i dont think happy frog has much of anything in it from what i understood

Well my man any thoughts on why my blue haze doesn’t have fat colas on the main stem? I have read it is a temperature issue but damn. Here is another plant in the same spot but different genetics With no such issues.

and also

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