Hacking humidifiers?

I’ve been thinking about drilling a hole in the tank of my humidifier, inserting a small hose and running it to a larger reservoir that would have a valve and quick connect on it before Sealing it with something like a 2 part epoxy.

Wonder if this would work…
I have a 6L one and it barely lasts 24hr and if I could bump that up to maybe 3 days.


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Actually thought about this. But doing it like a gravity feed. Have the hose at the height in the humidifier I want the water level. It should keep the water level the same until the reservoir runs out.

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Yes I want to do gravity feed, I’m thinking of using my old humidifier as a trial run. A bulkhead fitting should work one for the humidifier and one for a 5 gallon bucket.

But I haven’t used these fittings before so while I know it will make a good connection to the bucket and the humidifier I’m not sure how to secure the hose inside them.
Anyone familiar with plumbing?

Something like this would work for the bucket/reservoir

That being said, since one can not get inside the tank on the humidifier, you would need to drill a hole into the humidifier tank and place tube in but seal it from the outside well enough that the pressure of the reservoir doesn’t push it out and you flood your floor… This could be a challenge

My dehumidifier has that option incorporated into it already. Check out the back of yours to see if you don’t already have the option to plumb it without modification.

I don’t… It’s a 90$ amazon special.

The challenge is how to tap into the humidifier tank.
Drilling a hole then using the right fitting (not sure what to use) that will include a gasket and followed by a piece to push on the hose.
That fitting is what I’m searching for.


Any thoughts of what I’m looking for that will work

@Nicky. Transmission cooler line nipple. 5/16 in is common for size. Also 3/8. Bolt in and gasketed.
Just a thought. :wink::+1::v:

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16mm grommet, thought about it form the autopot reservoir. 6mm_top_hat_grom_4b4dc0469b15b_1_

Okay… I think Im going to do this when I get home!
Stay tuned!

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Of course I can’t find that lol sooo I did find a local store that sells normal rubber grommets in a couple sizes. I will try that instead of these push through top hat style.

Connecting to a hose and a matching bulkhead drilled into a 5 gallon bucket.

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You can buy rubber grommets to fit the hole you drill and pass the hose through the grommet. They are also sold with tubing that they are made to fit. Most hydro stores can handle this.


My hydro store doesn’t have them because they come with their autopots… I called them first womp womp

Ps welcome to the community @Jboylan

I say do it. It’s a great idea especially if it empties quickly. @Nicky

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Not a fan of those grommets as any movement at all causes leaks so use a tank connector to tap into your tank. You will also need to make sure there are no vent holes in your humidifier tank or you will flood the place so any holes will need sealed. Put the connector near the top of the tank as well, that way if it doesn’t work you can always plug the hole and won’t need to worry about your tank leaking :sunglasses:
Ps welcome to a great community :sunglasses:

@Nicky 1/4” bulkhead fittings, you’ll have to fish the fitting into place from the tank opening then tighten it from the outside


Then if possible a 1/4” float to keep the water level where you need it.

If you can’t fit that you can add a one way shut off valve from the reservoir to the humidifier to throttle the water input to the tank


The bulkhead attachment will go into a 5 gallon bucket but into the humidifier you can’t get to the otherside so it has to be a one way attachment.

Sooo that’s why I’m thinking with going with a grommet and yes I was planning to use a valve as well, ideally I wanted to use autopot size 15mm but i can’t get the top hat rubber grommet from autopot ughhh.

So it will look like
humidifier-rubber grommet-hose-valve-bulkhead-bucket.


Use a grommet. It will work fine.

If it leaks paste it up with epoxy as you stated you might use.

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How do you test if you need humidifier or dehumidifier in your grow?

You should have a temo/humidtor with a high and low reading.
That will tell you based on a VPD chart