H2O2. Any good in hydroponics. I


I’m using a current culture UC8XL system. Water temps 68 degrees and I’m using all current culture nutrient products. I’ve read mostly good but some bad stuff when using h202. One person in particular made me nervous. He indicated that after 4 days all plants died. I’m curious what every ones thoughts on this topic is. I’m considering using h202 liquid 29% oxidizer.


Why? Proxide forces extra oxygen into a cell causing it to explode, kinda like drinking salt water. I get awesome growth using the bare minimum of nutes. I personally use my fish tank water. In nature nothing is better you don’t see Mother Nature spraying hydrogen procide to make growth bigger. Sometimes I think we use and add too much. My last grow I got 1lb and I used no nutes just fish poop.
My 2 cents


H2O2, hydrogen peroxide, at 29% is a very strong concentration, it HAS to be diluted a lot…at that concentration it will kill your plants & will burn your skin, wear gloves…I have used drugstore peroxide at 3% in my DWC and even that needs to be diluted to 5ml-10ml/gallon but I have not used it from start to finish for a grow, just to fight root problems.

it is very useful for keeping bad bacteria at bay…if you use h2o2 you can’t use organic nutrients or beneficial microbes, though, it will kill them off, too

it also adds oxygen to the water which the roots appreciate.

@Donaldj has more information and here’s a quick read


Pretty sure you covered the basics basically if used start to finish grow should be done with no organic nutes


I’m experimenting with a sterile grow right now using H2O2. Pretty cool concept in my opinion.