H202 Bath After Dry?

Hi All, quick question for you. I usually do an hydrogen peroxide bath but due to a lack of stewardship on my part I let my buds dry before I got around to it. Should I still wash the dry buds or has that ship flown the tracks? Thanks!

Please DO NOT wash or rinse your dried buds. I too rinse my buds immediately after chopping but not later.


Most def agree with @merlin44 while they still wet give em a wash. A wash after dry is flower abuse


The only washing after drying should be ice water bath for hash.


It’s to late now buddy , not just will the crystals fall off the buds would absorb the alcohol- you don’t want to smoke that bro

There’s no alcohol in h2o2.


True , The bud would absorb the hydrogen peroxide then

Wrong, H2O2 is water with an extra oxygen molecule. While it is true that the bud would absorb water, it will not absorb H2O2. Not sure what science book you are referring to.

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that’ dosnt make sense, I don’t know what science book you are referring to either, so just by the weed absorbing the hydrogen peroxide loses a molecule? Is that what you are saying ? Or how is that molecule lost?

Oxidation. The extra hydrogen molecule oxidizes and turns to oxygen. The plant/ weed doesn’t absorb H2O2

Google is an amazing thing if you’re not sure.

There is a lot of factors in the oxidation process, you just can’t tell people if they soak weed in h2o2 it’s gonna absorb water , how funny :laughing:

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I’ve never washed my buds - what would be the reason behind this? To kill bugs? Mold? Not sure I quite understand what benefits it could have?

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H202 baths are mostly associated with outdoor grows for obvious reasons. Indoor, I have done it a couple of times just to see. Take a look at your exhaust prefilter. Not all of the dust and debris makes it to the filter. It helps slow down drying time and the buds I have washed feel different. Maybe softer?

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So outdoor is for pest mainly? Dirt debris etc?

Idk doesn’t quite click for me indoors - outside maybe but if it’s got an infestation to me you’d just cull it. Can it be done while still in flower?

I was taught about h202 baths a couple years ago. Once you’ve seen the water afterwards you see why it’s a good practice. All you do is give the buds a wee soak (right after harvest is important I now know) in the h202 water bath, rinse it, hang to dry. You can also do a baking soda bath as well. The goal is to remove surface mould, dirt, shit, dead bugs, hair, and anything else that blows in the wind over the long months outside.

If you search it you’ll get lots of information from people much wiser than me :slight_smile:


It’s supposed to be done immediately after harvest. Chop, wash, rinse, hang dry as usual.

You’d be amazed at all the crap that comes off.

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The funny part is that you thought H2O2 contained alcohol​:joy::joy::joy:.

Anywho, no it is mot recommended you wash your buds after they have dried.

Im new at growing my own weed, so please excuse the question. At what percentage h2o2 and for how long do you bath?

I am new here, but I think that I have read 1/2 up of H2O2 to a gallon of H2O. I hope I am not wrong. I am sure we will get the correct answer.

the 3% I take it. Do you then just rinse the buds, or do you actually soak them?

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