H2/O2 -Hydrogen peroxide to cure slime and crazy PH fluctuations

So I’ve heard hydrogen peroxide will smash root rot, and algae which make your ph go nuts overnight, just wondering who has used this? Some people use house hold Bleach! Nutters! If no one has a ratio of h202/water in just give a couple drops a day to each bucket and see how it goes. Fanks in advance

Hey mclovin are you using hydro or using soil?
I don’t know if the pH fluxes on h2o2, but ive read that about a 1/2 a cup of H2O2 to 1 Gallon of water should be a fine dilution. So the solutions would be 1/2cup H2O2 : 1Gallon H2O
Don’t take my word for it just yet though. Maybe let someone chime in.

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The H2O2 is good but you should try an enzyme as well, you can use them in conjunction. Hygrozyme, Cannizyme. Clears it up quickly.


I’ve got both, just shit scared of killing them, half a cup sounds like a huge amount… mines 12% food grade so 1ml per L to start me thinks! I’ve also noticed way less air coming from the AIT’s, due to slime covering the air holes I think

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thanks both for your input :slight_smile:

Oh yeah then a 1/2 cup is definitely too much that was for the 3% so for the 12 I would just do a 1/8 cup but again that’s just me

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I have used 3% H2O2 hydrogen peroxide starting at 5ml per gallon going up to 10ml/gal the next day


I use 3% peroxide in all my hydro. started with 15 cc/gallon after root rot began. 30 cc/gal had no bad effects. root rot and algae gone. Now I just squirt some in the water. It does kill off the microbes in addition to algae. If ya want, add microbes after 3 days. If you are having algae, you may need to change the water more often, weekly until symptoms controlled.

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Good plan. I really didn’t think my grow through like a monkey, hand pumping 150L of water is genuinely horrible. plus the R of the RDWC - DOESN’T EVEN WORK! huge pain.
I’m hoping PH chills out. I’ve got an inch of space between the water and pot, and the only slight root rot I see is that gap between the pot and water, not sure If I should fill it up or what

it may just be brown staining from organic nutes. No more hand pumping! Go get "BucketHead wet/dry vac "at Home Depot or Amazon, it will suck up nutes into 5 gal bucket and it was only 21 bucks. Takes 15 seconds to fill 5 gal bucket, plus you vacuum up the muck on the bottom. as far as ph fluctuations,

oh… oh my god… i must find one not in the usa man. THANKYOU!

Amazon has them for around $30.

I’m seeing 80 bucks for a 30L so far? Will look tomorrow