H.R. 1227 - Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2017


So found out this bill has just been sitting in a subcommittee for the past 8 or so months, and hasn’t been struck down yet. Anyone politically savvy know anything else about this bill or is it just gonna be a bust like every single other one?

Here’s the link if you wanna read it over, but basically it just removes Marijuana from the Schedule 1 list if it were to pass.


With Jeff Sessions as attorney general this doesn’t stand a chance.


Jeff Sessions isn’t a Senator anymore so he really has no say in what the legislature does. He just follows the rule of the law (well is supposed to).


Jeff Sessions is the attorney general and has already voiced his opinion about cannabis and how terrible it is. The only way I see this passing is if the majority vote takes over. I hope they pass it, but I dont think it will.



With Sessions being the attorney general everything concerning scheduling as it pertains to criminality hangs on his yay or nay whether that be officially or not.


@Alton66 Correct as the law stands today. But he doesn’t have a voice in the processes of changing anything. He can have the president’s ear to veto a bill but him and Trump aren’t on the best of terms these days. The FDA can change the scheduling but they won’t. Trump could strongly recommend the FDA change the scheduling but he won’t. The only chance we have is Congress and the Senate and Trump not vetoing it.



I agree. Everything passed is always passed before it reaches anything official.

That’s done in private offices on golf outings and over dinner and drinks.


If there is a chance it’s up to us to give the voice to spread the love of cannabis. Congress has to give majority vote and the federal govt can now tax at the same percent as alcohol. Hopefully this passes soon. Many people will dive into the next generation of revenue profits for the upcoming growing population, as the world rotates so do we…


In other words, what makes growing a plant put on this earth by “GOD” illegal??? Exactly nothing does, what makes it wrong or “illegal” who made the dictionary? Exactly; people. It’s all about control.

make (something that was previously illegal) permissible by law.
"a measure legalizing gambling in Deadwood"
synonyms: make legal, decriminalize, legitimize, legitimate, permit, allow, authorize, sanction, license, validate; More


They won’t.


We as a country should just vote all the fuddy dudies out of office all I want is to grow my own meds and be left alone by people like old jeff who said he quit liking the kkk because they smoke pot how in the he’ll does someone like him become the AG of the US because trump thought he would make the Russian thing go away and if he did trump would have let him do whatever he wanted to do but since he didn’t trump has tried to cut him off at the knees I think its funny


I said it the first time I joined this forum and I’ll say it again. Jeff Sessions is a big fat NEO-CON (pot hater). He said years ago that he has seen evidence of marijuana killing people who use it. He was asked to provide proof of that and he just changed the subject. He is a complete moron. I hate to say it, but Americans refuse to vote their clowns out. They want others to get rid of their piece of crap politicians but won’t vote out their own.


You are right


I couldn’t agree more. It’s becuase people can’t go out and publicize their own beliefs. becuase the govt thinks that they can control every actiOn in which we do. Who’s to say if a group of people make a march to DC with their signs and that they won’t shut them down.


I don’t think it would matter how many people March on Washington and beg their congressman to stop this idiotic prohibition. They just won’t listen to us.


I live in a recreationally legal state (but obviously an illegal country). I have taken to trying to normalize it as much as possible and get it out of the dark. I filled half-pint jars of my home grown bud and gave them out as holiday gifts. I gifted to those who I knew would enjoy it, and also to those who I had no idea (my guitar teacher, for instance). It’s slightly uncomfortable because of the long held stigma associated with the stuff, but it’s my tiny effort to normalize it. I generally had a backup gift in case they balked, but I’d just pull out the jar and say, “would you enjoy this?” and left it at that. Afterwards, I tried to always compare it with gifting a bottle of wine.

FWIW, everyone accepted it. :smiley:

The sooner we can stop hiding, the sooner it will lose its taboo.


Senator Gardner of Colorado is really pissed at Sessions latest attacks. Sessions has completely reversed what he told Congress during his confirmation hearing. I’ve just sent Senator Gardner an email asking him to introduce a clean bill that says their ARE legitimate medical uses for marijuana. Current DEA policy is based on the lie that there are no medical uses for marijuana. If it helped a single patient, it would be a lie, and it has helped thousands and thousands.

Such a law will force the DEA to reclassify weed and make it available from any doctor’s prescription. Medical marijuana patients could feel secure, for real this time. I urge all US citizens to email your Senators and Representatives to support such a bill. It’s easy and only takes a few minutes. You do have to sign it with your real name but you can write it in support of medical marijuana patients without claiming to be one.


Absolutely @1BigFella. When I first came on this forum, I told @bob31 that that NEO-CON Sessions would be a problem for cannabis growers. Unless we can force our house and Senate members to give us a break, it’s back to the dark ages for MMJ for a few years. As I posted before, I live in a state that my senators think it’s the :smiling_imp: s weed and my congressman is a preacher so I’m out of luck.


That’s okay. I didn’t bother with my local Representative: He’s a major knob. I did write my two Senators and Senator Gardner because they have made public statements of support. You can write other Congressmen! They may not be quite as responsive, but a flood of email is a flood of email. They do care about public perception and 64% of the public wants medical marijuana. Even a majority of Republicans want it, so it is not really a partisan issue. If it got to the floor, most of the Democrats and many of the Republicans would vote for it. It might be enough to pass it. You never know.

Corry Booker was pushing a bill a while ago that included weed legalization, but then included all kinds of Black reparations and such. Never had a chance. But this clean bill pitting Evil Beauregard against poor little sick children and victims of cancer could.