H.E.L.P. What happened

Ok I have 2 blue cookies my bf has started, and one is growing SOOO weird… Like I’ve never seen this before. They are only a couple weeks from seed. I have a top view, side view, a close up. I’m in need of some help!!! Anyone… @DoobieNoobie @blackthumbbetty @raustin

Sorry got carried away and sent that before I finished. The last pic, the LEFT part of the plant is the original stem. The right is a part off of the main stem. Does that make sense!!! Like instead of splitting like it should the stem just decided to “split” and start on the right side instead of the middle… I hope that helped… Please please help.

I think if you play this right, you could have a massive bush on your hands. Looks like she trained herself or something? I don’t think there’s anything to worry about.

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Your overwatering it … if you don’t stop plant will die soon… and if not death , then plenty of other problems are in your future… :wink:
Skinny stem at dirt level and wavy leaves are a sure sign of overwatering and if you continue to do so the plant will damp off… basically death…


Not sure overwatering made it branch out the way it did.

Your plant isn’t near death, so don’t panic, but definitely watch your watering habits.

Oh and time to transplant up.

From looks of it stem was maybe leaning or something and branch tried to take over as main. Without seeing how it progressed it’s kinda hard to say why. But logical thinking is probably along the lines of what peachfuzz said. I also agree that if you get that ironed out she should be fine.


Lots of knowledgeable people already answered. And like they said transplant her asap and I’m sure she’ll be fine.

@PrincessT What you have are clones. That’s why the new growth is staggered instead of being a pair of branches at same level like a seed plant would. Both are doing very good. Just need to transplant. At least 3 gallon…and 5 gallon will be best.

Once you do that and put them on a 18/6 schedule, they will grow out and make you proud.

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@tanlover442 there are seeds that are clones?? I did not know that. And as far as transplanting yes that is gonna be done tomorrow morning. They are on an 18/6 schedule right now. They are in a tent with a mother that we are taking cuts off of to clone. So they have been on 18/6 since they could see light lol. @dbrn32 that was my thought also. The way it happened was, the seed popped in the paper towel method and we planted it and when it showed itself, one bottom leaf came out then the stem. It grew like that until it started to split. It was very odd. But I’m hoping you 're right @blackthumbbetty. I’m hoping if we just let her grow it will be massive since it seems to be training in its own. @peachfuzz as far as over watering goes, we actually haven’t watered very often. But I will keep that in mind in the future. Thanks a bunch to all.


No …no clone seeds. Yours look like clones.

You are saying they are both seed hatched? In which case, yes, the leaves are unusual.

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They have cotyledons. Definitely from seed. :grinning:

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Does the cup have drainage holes…?

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You have sharp eyes. I missed the “from seed” in the first post…D’Oh.
and the cotyledons…double D’Oh. Must have been enjoying my crop.

Those plants are very unusual. The only time I have seen staggered stems has been on clones. Will be interesting to see how it progresses.

@PrincessT… Please keep us posted.

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@tanlover442 most definitely. We are about to do the transplant I think, so I will have pics tonight or tomorrow. And yes 11/26 was when germination started. So we have a new and unusual journey. Yay!!! Those are always fun lol