H D 's Goldleaf/ OG grows

Make my own super soil ishq version and pH my water because my water comes out at the tap 8 point one or two I do use Cal mag when they’re in veg don’t really need to because the soil based has plenty of calcium magnesium products in it all right I haven’t I don’t use it in the flower room haven’t seen any notice that I need to other than that just water and love on them lots of light


nice. that’s kinda what i thought. your plants are loving it, that’s for sure.

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I said 5 days well we tried it 2 days ago i gave a few smallish buds out i told them wait 2 days lmao they didnt i got texts like 2 hours later sayin please save me some well OK

now some stats on these GL Clones
cut 6/22 potted 7/15 flipped 9/13 83 days from cut to flip 83
days in flower room 56
11 clones 6 5gal fab bags 1 3 Gal pot
all harvested fri/sat 11/8-9 /19

the 3 pots documented in this grow (post 1) are in a cure tub now

as they still have a few buds on branches final weight is TBD but they came in at 550 grams
callin it a LB.
the others are in a tub w more to clean up but will b a LB also

but thats not the best news this is by a lot the best Grm per watt of all plants i have grown
(dense = weight)
now it gits better i believe that it may be the best i have grown period it tastes amazing now smooth and wow flavor in your mouth nose are sweet and yes i can smoke my product in 3 /5 days (little buds) SS/living soil no flush water only i dont think i can do better.
i Still cure but mostly 2 weeks and of to lab for testing (depending on moisture content some)

i will post lab report a s a i have it

THANK YOU Mr. Bergman and ILGM this grow will make the holidays a happy one and i will be in the seed shop soon for GL seeds

BTW i have ILGM Super Skunk fems and WWA babies now so more fantastic plants to harvest soon jimmie