Gypsy's Towers Of Flowers II

That is impressive!

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I so hope to have a girl grow up like one of yours someday.

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Thank you @jd77 I appreciate the kind words. Just following the thumb my grandfather gave me…and a few charts…:smiley:

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Day 89
Water today.
Dehumidifier water with 2.5ml/gal CalMag.
Cutting the CalMag back. Cutting everything back…she’s getting ripe. Not going into an immediate flush. Just gonna eliminate all nutes and additives over next 2 weeks. She’ll be getting straight, low ppm 6.5-7.0 ph water by then, if she makes it that long


HAPPY MAGGIE :slightly_smiling_face::v::slightly_smiling_face:


Very impressive! Pretty lady.

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Water numbers today were
1.5gal IN @6.6ph 179ppm
3cups out @6.1ph 1016ppm
Ph is whack.??,…ppms are normal for FoxFarms Ocean Forest soil and fertilizers…
Think it might be time to calibrate my apera ph meter. Lol


Thankyou @CC_Mo

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Some seem to dislike auto’s. When I see plants such as yours I often wonder why?
With decent strains, proper training & great results in 100ish days it looks like a win to me.


I think if you have all the right conditions you can get a great grow with autos. As evidenced by @OldGypsy, with two towers of flowers that I have seen. The problem comes when new growers who may have less than adequate equipment, think that an auto will automagically turn out like these. And are disappointed when they don’t.


:clap::clap::clap:killing it and she’s a fat 1 mam oh man

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@Newt , wise words. That makes total sense.


@Newt @CC_Mo
You’re right on that!!!
GOOD Equipment is unequivocally more beneficial to any amount of love or nurturing you can give your girl.
I’ve got a ton of money wrapped up in this little 2x2.
Between lights, fans, and filters, and the initial cost of the original kit (which was pretty much useless, except for the tent… :man_facepalming: DON’T BUY A KIT!!!)
And a cheap ass ph meter(DON’T BUY CHEAP ASS PH METER :man_facepalming:!!!)
Lots of money invested!!!

Is it worth it???

HELL YEAH it’s worth it!!!
I’ve been smoking jays like they’re cigarettes for over 3 months now.
Not having to worry about running out at all!
And I know what I’m smoking!!!
For those that rely on buying street weed, big gamble!!! Who knows what that stuff has in it!?!
And the dispensarie’s high priced, low quality stuff…NAH!

Yeah it’s worth the money…!!!. even if you can only set up a 2x2.

A little bit of a green thumb helps a lot too.

If you don’t have one, that’s ok…
With practice and lots of reading, you can also GROW a Green Thumb!



Day 92
A little dead leaf pruning this morning. Pulled about 20 leaves that could possibly become a mold or bud rot hazard.
I’m trying to keep all the leaves that I can up to harvest.
Maggie has a very pungent smell now.
Like a skunk that just ran through a fruit field or something.
Today’s tower update:

There’s 8 of them…:giraffe::kiss:

Obviously Santa is coming to town…things are getting FROSTY!!!

HAPPY MAGGIE!!! :slightly_smiling_face::v::slightly_smiling_face:


Great points.
I second your tent kit sentiment. Also, IMO, I agree on cheap meters.
Your girl is beautiful!

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