Gvg grow light question? Need help plz lol

I recently got a gvg 600w full spectrum grow light an seems to do well but I am little confused on hanging height with these new LEDs, so everywhere on box an I go stuff I find it just says 600w but in the driver it has a output 60w believe says so should I hang for 60w or 600w? May sound like dumb question I’m new to these LEDs.

Lil quick info: states it has a 2.7 umj rating
What online reviews found got higher star rating than 600w Mars an vispa(true or bit is still to be determined), Samsung diodes with uv an ir 234 total.

Any an all info on them will be extremely helpful
Thanks to all…keep on growing on :v:

Hey there,
Sorry to tell you thats just a 60 watt Light.
And not all sumsung diodes are lm301 type whiich most growers want for growing.
Maybe you can return those and get better lights.


Key words there are “consumes only electric 60 watts”, it’s a 60 watt light. Not good for much more than sprouting seeds and very early veg.

So much deception in that ad.

Don’t believe it.

Return and get a better light (and maybe ask us before buying), that light is not gonna get you very far.


Welcome to the community @Taylorboyy25 like @Hellraiser said returned the light you can get better light on the marker from 100w and up I go to recommended to you the same I go to buy is the hlg 200 diablo with 200w or a vivasun 1000 that is what I had now


What size grow space are you working with that would help with light selection


Like. 1.5x1.5 little area just enough for one two plants an thanks guys for your options I wonder how it got such a high rating an everything seems like with most, the reviews helps sort the good an the bad but this just for veg mainly anyways, I was thinking it was 60 but what I’ve read wouldn’t 60w for area like I using be what it calls for I had a cfl set up at 50 wats in it an done well for starting an veg, this new LEDs stuff just seen there more trouble then worth

I do have one friend on a group forum says for his micro fire it done good for him start to finish so what got me looking at them etc, an he said tested an it not 2.7 but it was closer to 1.6-2 than 2.7 like said so it all got me confused as you see lol thanks everyone for baring with me an like said yes I know it just 60w now but on to would it right for the small area I’m using just for starting an veg? And back to my main question just to make sure I’m clear I should hang it for 60w height instead of say 600w eq height long it would be alright for my small space

Research before buying is worth it!!
LEDs are by far the most efficient and best lights out there for growing weed - hands down.

Kia and Rolls Royce both make cars - are they anything alike?

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With so many people now growing at home unscrupulous sellers are taking advantage of people who don’t realize exactly what they need. You can grow with these cheap leds, just not quality cannabis. Everyone here will tell you the truth, most of us have already been down the road your on. If you can afford it, invest into quality lighting and you will be successful. Please in the future don’t hesitate to ask questions about any aspect of growing.

Thank you all I’m new to this myself when comes indoor an these LEDs if I can’t get this one with maybe a few cfl added to be close to proper for my small area I may switch back to my original set up with was a 2 foot two bulb fl with one warm one cool bulb an CFLs on splitters lol least till check an save up for a optimal set up

Good point lol an I tried little with it but it a beer company online looked to have good company base so I figured half way decent product an all the reviews was positive an high ratings which lead to believe it was worth what asking since got on sale an had digital copiun I got it fairky cheap which I figured was a flag in itself but weird things happen every day so took chance

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In a 1.5x1.5 ft space I’d get a HLG 200 Diablo.
It’s $200 search for a coupon code the sale just ended!
It’s a TRUE 200w with a dimmer and the driver isn’t mounted on the light so you won’t have that extra heat to deal with there.
It’s got 648 top bin Samsung full spectrum and 18 deep red Samsung.
Flowering footprint of 2x2 so perfect for your space.

Save a few pennies and get the best light possible. Scrape by on the rest of the shit and upgrade as you get the cash, but lighting is where you really need to make the best investment right out of the gate.


Trying to find what be the best height to hang 60w panel for seedling/early veg, the area is small place 1.5x1.5

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12 inches would be a good place to start. If seedlings stretch; lower the light 4 inches.


Thank you so much I just recently learned to since I’m new to LEDs that it just 60w actually even though they say it 600w eq that I should hang it for 60 instead 600 that bit had me little confused but thanks to you all I’ve learned bit knowledge today so always plus an always Edgar to learn something new

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I’m going to move this to your other topic so everything stays together. This is to help you and to avoid clogging up the feed with multiples of the same or similar.

Happy Growing!

I will definitely check them out. Thanks alot

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This is how you judge your light and adjust it for growing.

Start Using DLI

Thank u so much what was looking for i downloaded a app to measure everything help me better with hanging that ks everyone ao much

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MAke sure you set the app for the correct lighting and hours on and take a reading in each corner and the center at the same distance from the light and take the average.
One reading isn’t enough.
If you have a dimmer you can play with that to adjust the DLI otherwise you’ll have to raise or lower the fixture.

Best of Luck!!