Gummy bear recipe

@Astrocreep @Countryboyjvd1971 Can anyone tell me how to get THC into gummy bears? The recipe is basically gelatin and water. I’m more familiar with oil based edibles. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Here’s the best I could come up with. I guess the key is a good vg tincture.


First, get the gummy bears some teeny weeny little rolling papers …




I make gummies on a regular basis. I really like mine and they sell really well. Here is how I do it.
I use one ounce of good grade buds. Grind it up very fine and be sure to decarbolate. (Not real sure how to spell that word). Once you’ve decarbolate put the product in the freezer overnight.
Next morning mix two cups of everclear and the pot together. I use a Magic Butter machine and process it for four hours. If you do not have the Magic Butter machine you can place the mixture in a mason jar and allow it to sit in the freezer for one to ten days. Shake it often.
When Im ready to make gummies I strain the liquid into a small cooking pot. I let it steep on the stove until all the liquor has evaporated. I like to add some of the ground pot in the liquid prior to steeping. About three tablespoons. It browns nicely and gives the gummies a good flavor. Steep slowly until the mixture is almost gone and what is left is thick, sticky and dark.
While the mixture is steeping I mix two cups of water with one small box of any flavor jello. Stir until dissolved. Add eight envelopes of unflavored gelatin one envelope at a time mixing well.
Pour your gelatin mixture into the pot and continue cooking slowly, stirring almost constantly. Add another small box of jello and sir until all dissolved. The last thing I add is a four ounce bag of gummy bears, worms or rings. I do this more for the preservatives. Again stir until melted and thoroughly mixed.
Then I pour the batch into a cookie sheet about 9x11. Allow to cool and firm on the counter until safe to move into the fridge. Let it sit overnight.
Once they are good and cold you will see that the mixture pulls away from the sides of the pan. Remove the gummies from the pan then cut into 1 inch squares. This is a double hit for most people. It depends on my pain that day.
Once I cut them up I wrap them individually In waxed paper and put in a zip lock bag. Leave the bag open for a day or two. Some moisture will evaporate and create moisture in the bag that can cause the gummies to mold. Sometimes I need to wipe the sweat from the inside of the bags.
These freeze well, take a few out at a time and keep in the fridge.
These must always be refrigerated if you want to keep them fresh. One ounce makes about 120 squares.
I hope this helps. I really enjoy them.


@Fairygrandma Thanks for the recipe. I’m going to try with the vg tincture first since it’s already made, but will do your recipe next. I like the idea of adding store bought gummies in.


Here you go @Bman3232 :grin:

@blackthumbbetty I just made up a batch of concentrate from your frozen everclear recipe. 1 zip decarbed weed covered with everclear, frozen and filtered. It is drying now and I want to make gummies from it in a couple of days.

Please tell me what you think about my dosing thoughts:

I’m a first timer with edibles and my tolerance isn’t all that high. I was going to do 5mg gummies, so a batch to fill a 50 gummy tray would be 250mg concentrate. I would mix up the gelatin mix with a little lecithin and 250mg concentrate. Is my thinking correct? How much lecithin would you recommend, or is it even necessary?

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1 gram of clean and purged concentrate contains about 850mg of cannabinoids; rso/feco has about 650mg.

I cannot give advice on lecithin, as I don’t use it.

It looks great!

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