Gummy Bear Question


Possibly the method. You also used trim, right? Or maybe you ground it up too fine?

Some will set it out in the sun for an hour or so to help, but I’d be more concerned about damaging the cannabinoids with the sun. Maybe that’s just me being a worrier.

Either way, it’s just fine. Really, it is.

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:joy: I’m in VT. We don’t have sun this time of year :joy:

It was roughly chopped trim. Do instill let it evaporate in the dark until it’s thick? It’s lost about half it’s volume since yesterday.

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Yep. You’re almost done!



Set container in the sun for a couple hours green gone!



Do you have some examples of 3 flavors you used above that made a good combination?
Or did you use the same flavor for all 3 ingredients?

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I have made my recipes using the same flavor and not mixing flavors in the same batch. My favorite is Raspberry so far from also trying Cherry and Strawberry as well. Seems the “redder” flavors I listed may be better choices (to my tastes anyway) than flavors like Lemon or Lime. But each person has different ideas and tastes.

To make my tincture reduction, I used 1 ounce of larfy popcorn bud and trim from a White Widow grow. This trim was not cured like I do for my prime buds, and the gummy bears had a sharp almost bitter taste despite all the jello and flavorings. The gummies are potent as heck, so maybe that also factors into the sharp aftertaste. This off taste is no biggie but something I noted, and my next batch will be made with a properly cured batch of flower. I hope to see improvements with better tasting gummies.



@blackthumbbetty is there another alcohol that can be used? I can’t get everclear here in the UK

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Betty may have other ideas in addition, and I have heard folks say they use 100 proof vodka. The higher the alcohol percentage the better solvency it offers.

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Is the problem that you can’t get Everclear (the brand) in the U.K.? If so, look for Clear Spring or Golden Grain.

Other options:
Spirytus (192 proof Polish vodka)
Bruichladdich (184 proof Scottish Whiskey) (probably expensive!)
River Antoine (180 proof Grenadian Rum)
Pincer (177 proof Scottish vodka)
Bajikah (176 proof Bulgarian vodka)
JB (160 proof Jamaican rum)
Bacardi 151 (151 proof Puerto Rican rum)



Anything high proof. Higher than 80 proof, for sure.

What they said, as well.



Try to use clear spirits, when possible.



Thankyou il look into other options :slight_smile: :v:t2:

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