Gummy Bear Question


@blackthumbbetty. I am really interested in having the taste as well as the effects.
The budget won’t allow too many new toys at a time but I like the thoughts of a quick extraction and lower temp for evap. Didn’t you go into this some in a post ?


I was always getting in trouble for that as a kid. :grin:
I have learned over the many years to respect the herb or it will bite back. :drooling_face:
Thanks for the heads up. :v:


Somewhere around here, I’ve posted it several times. :grinning: If I find it, I’ll tag you.


Rso is the stuff they put in those dosage syringes. It’s basically tincture that has been heated to remove all excess fluid. The heat turns the oil into black resin.


Here’s a recipe. You can use any amount of weed. I usually just add enough liquor to cover the decarbed bud, but if you want exact measurements, go with a gram of herb to an oz of everclear.

  1. Freeze a 750 ml bottle of everclear.
  2. Roughly chop (don’t grind) an oz of bud, and decarb in a Mason jar.
  3. Once jar is completely cool, add enough frozen ever clear to just cover buds & tighten lid
  4. Shake the motherfecking shite out of it for about 3 minutes.
  5. Place it in the coldest part of your freezer for an hour.
  6. Remove from freezer, shake vigorously & strain; rinse remaining material with another shot or 2 of ever clear.
  7. To evaporate alcohol: place liquid in shallow glass pie pan & leave in a warm, dark place for several days. You can use a warming plate to gently heat it, but too much heat makes disgusting tasting tincture.
  8. When it’s the consistency of sugar water/watery honey, it’s ready for most uses. It should be a golden color, not green & not black.

Blk widow scrog 1st grow

Definitely going to try it. I love discrete options for medication. Most of the time it doesn’t matter but edibles help my symptoms better anyway and when I am away from the house for a few hours or more I gotta have something. I won’t travel with weed for smoking but some tincture in a old cbd oil bottle or some rso caps is my best option.


:joy: lmao thanks @blackthumbbetty that was funny and educational.


Mix with a little orange juice and you don’t taste anything but the orange juice


Thanks @blackthumbbetty. I really appreciate the recipe and will give it a try for sure. And thanks for looking that up for me. :v:


@ blackthumbbetty

When you decarb in a mason jar do you have a lid on it? How long in the oven and what temp? Thanks


Yes, use a lid, but do not tighten it completely. Decarb as you normally would.


Have you ever used a sous vide to decarb?


Temps have to reach approx 240F for about 30-45 mins.


No but it is on my list, well my wife’s list, she used to smoke cigarettes and swears she will never smoke anything again. It is all edibles for her. I have read a lot of good things about them.


Edibles are a totally different effect than smoking. Takes maybe an hour then it sneaks up on you. I don’t smoke much anymore since I don’t like the smell indoors. But vape is really nice with no smell. It is smoking in a way but w/o the smoke odor.


I’ll have to try this method. My first attempt was a frigging failure in that I did a 2 week room temp grain alcohol extraction, filtered all vegetal matter, then put in a shallow bowl to evap naturally at room temp. When I went back to check in a couple of days, the bowl was coated with a gummy black tar (still filled with green alcohol) and the black tar clung to the bowl like glue. I had to literally use lighter fluid and goop off to clean the bowl up, so this was a classic waste of ingredients and time.

I have no clue what went wrong but I avoid doing it that way now. I suppose evap on a germination pad would work, but I find evap in a sautee pan on low low heat is my best bet although it takes over an hour to reduce.

I have no idea what went wrong that I got that black tar gum like RSO?


Probably the 2 weeks at room temp. Just my thought.


Thank you for the info! I’m going to use that method to decarb!


Come back & share your results. Pretty please!


I will! If you don’t like the green in your oil just set it in the sun for a few hours and it will be gone! The green. lol