Gummy Bear Question


I guess I’m just not sure since I’ve only used the machine to extract. The only difference is extracting? I’ll be anxious for you to put the machine to test and see what you think.


I honestly don’t think I would have continued to make extracts and reductions if I had not discovered the Magical Butter Machine 2. I can decarb in the morning, set the tincture mode at 130F for 8 hours, then reduce following that. All of this can be done inside of one day w/o the hassle of waiting for cold extracts and experimental methods.



Those look like they could have a dark side :drooling_face::grin::+1:


Lol thanks! We’ll find out this evening. One cup tincture made 54 tbs size gummies.


U’ll have to let us know how it goes. I’ve been curious about edibles and concentrates for a bit now. Just gathering info for now but liking the idea of more and more.


@Oldguy- keep up with @Midwestnewbie since he has his gummy thing going on for sure!! I love the slow, gradual effect that edibles have especially gummy bears. Often I’ll wait an hour and feel it isn’t working…then here it comes! And it has a whole body feeling unlike a bong hit, plus it may last hours with a very smooth and social effect.

@Midwestnewbie - where in the world did you find that cool gummy mold. And the black color…awesome!!


@MT3 I found those at Walmart after Halloween for .75 a piece. I have 12 of them also has crossbones as well and I make them sometimes for people who like to portion them as they cut a off a section.

The color comes from
The blue color plus the oil turns it very dark blue.


This is absolutely way cool! I love your creativity and interesting approach to our choices of using canna-meds.


That’s corn starch btw thank you for that!


The gummies are good just as @MT3 described full body high lasted about 3-4 hours. I’ll have to give a report another time as well because all of the sudden I’m in the crown royal bottle. The Tequila bottle and smoked. So to pin point it all to gummy would be wrong.


That’s too funny. See. Weed must really be a gateway drug. :rofl::grin::v:


@Midwestnewbie. I’m truly interested in this with tincture but hi proof alcohol here is very hard to find or overly $$$.
Would some home made :wink: work in the mix ?


I use mb2 machine their site says higher the proof the better it will be at extraction. But going to try some here soon with 99 bananas to see if it works. Also doing a batch with some Tennessee moonshine next go round.


That’s kinda where I was leanin too. Hi er the better. :drooling_face::v:


Thanks for now and I’ll keep an eye out for another update. Peace for now and enjoy ur Sunday. :v:


Tinctures are fun to work with once you get the hang of it @oldguy. I think I speak for @Midwestnewbie in that a Magical Butter 2 Machine will make your tincture production so much more enjoyable vs a long slow cold extraction lingering for weeks. You need to decarb the product first, then the MB2 can make the tincture in 4 - 8 hours. Life seems more simple with this machine and I love using it.

Some use the tincture as is under the tongue, but I generally slowly reduce the tincture down over low heat to evaporate the alcohol off until I only have a couple of tablespoons left. This is some strong kick ass shit so be damn careful with it. I licked the spatula as not to waste any…problem was it wasted my ass for the day. Big time couch lock.

I like gummies and make them for my wife, 86 yo mom and myself. I also love to make vape juice by mixing the reduction with some PG and VG plus a few drops of various vape flavorings. I use this eJuice in a vape device like the Smok Mag Baby which is awesome. Both gummies and vape seem to give me more of a social body high vs a bong rip which hits me harder and faster.

Experimentation is half the fun. Its ALL good my friend!


You can do quick extractions in under 4 hours, without using a machine. I find that cold extractions left to evaporate on a low-low-low heat warming pad taste significantly better than tinctures created using temps exceeding 80F.

I prefer a golden honey tincture, as opposed to green dragon or rso (it’s basically a tincture that’s been reduced to black tar).


:ear:t3: perked please tell us more @blackthumbbetty. I’ve been playing with the green dragon this morning in my coffee and it’s effects are very nice it taste like the bottom of my shoe. I’m very interested in something that taste better.


I love my green dragon but have been curious about rso. What or where would you start on doesage. Isn’t it the rso that you put into capsules?