Gummy Bear Question


That is just about too cool!!! LMFAO. I just ate a gummy so this is especially funny!!


I’ve put in cookie sheets before I found a bunch of Halloween molds on clearance at wally for .75 bought all they had at all the stores close to my house n work. Now I have 12. Only thing with plates, cookie sheets make sure where you lay them is very level otherwise I’ve had some really thick and really thin pieces. I’ve also used a sugar bath to keep from sticking when I take a few to social events.


I totally know where you are coming from since I had one side of the plate uneven and that side was thicker so I had to adjust my square size when cutting. I had a bowl of cornstarch beside my gummies, and as I cut the squares, let them drop in the cornstarch for a dusting to prevent sticking together. You share good information, friend!


Thank you for the kind words. I stay in my lane on this site because growing I’m a sponge trying to take all the information these wonderful people will share with me. But with edibles I’ve had a few years of working with them and helping family and friends when In need. I’ve had a lot of failures but learn from them so as not to waste in future. And if I can help someone avoid my pitfalls than even better.


I wanna give edibles another shot but was disappointed with amount product wasted, along with the 2 failed attempts at making e-liquid. I decarbed all attempts at 220 for 45 minutes, just as everyone recommended. Does using a gas oven alter the process? And is decarbing process same for both fresh and dry product?


@N00BIE I only decarb for 30 minutes at 220 also using a gas oven. I calibrated my oven by putting meat thermometer in there to truly see if setting were accurate so on my settings I’m actually just a touch over 200* for my 220. Magical butter says decarbing at higher temps and longer lengths lowers thc and brings out the Cbd. So maybe that’s the issue? Just my thoughts


I may have found something to pipe gummy bear material into the molds - a jello shooter syringe!

Those little suction pipettes that come with the molds don’t have quite enough suction for the stiff material. These shooter syringes hold 2 ounces and have enough suction to suck a golf ball through a garden hose. Whoo hoo……seriously, this has got to work!!

Jello shooters anyone? @raustin


Yep, that’ll work.


Awesome! Ill be trying this for sure


Worked perfect! 9 tablespoon size servings broke down into 90 bears. Which will be perfect for my trip as I fill my men’s daily gummy bottle.:smiley:


Love it when a plan comes together my friend! SUCCESS!

I made a vape tincture this weekend and used the syringes to meter out the MBO, VG and PG. It was super clean and I didn’t waste anything like I had done before.

I like your daily Men’s Daily Gummy Supplement! :v:


Have a quick question regarding extract…I attempted to make vape juice and it never worked for me, so it got stored up in my cupboard. I looked at it today and noticed it had separated, VG on bottom and this black layer on top. Is the black layer the real deal feel good stuff?


I would think the oil separated from the juice. Is this what your starting materials looked like?


Yes, then added the VG. It has sat for over a month.
Wife did her best at a cold extract using Everclear. What was left was the black tar-y looking stuff.


That’s similar to what mine looks like as well that’s the potent stuff grain of rice is dose. If you don’t mind the flavor add some to a bowl. It’ll get you there for sure.


Sweet, I will use syringe to pull some out and try it out.


My very first attempt at Vape Juice: I did a cold Everclear extraction on decarbed bud. Let it sit 10 days, maybe 2 weeks, then strained and put in a soup bowl under a ceiling fan. The goal here was to do a natural evaporation w/o heat since I only have a gas burner.

What happened was odd - I got a bunch of black gummy tar clinging to the bowl and some greenish tincture on top of the tar. I was later told this is Rick Simpson oil. It got on my hands and I had to use Goop Off cleaner. This stuff would not dissolve back into solution no matter what. Long story short, it was not suitable for vape juice, but may be ok to smoke in a hash pipe although I wasted it cleaning up my mess.

I bought a Magical Butter machine to make an alcohol tincture - then reduce the tincture on an electric induction burner in a non-stick sauté pan. Mix that reduction with VG/PG and all is ideal. This method gives me complete control and I’m now making vape juice that wont separate and is ideal for a vape tank or pod.


I have warned wife, let’s see how far the rabbit hole goes…Couldn’t sepearate oil from VG so we now have it straining through coffee filter to let VG run through, leaving the good stuff behind. This is what was on toothpick after scraping sides.


How was it @N00BIE?


I must done something wrong… I got nothing.