Guidance with my lights PLEASD

Im looking for some help with my lights? I currently have 3 and can’t afford anything else at the moment. I have 2 1200w duel switch LED’s and a 1000w white LED. Should I use both veg and bloom switches through all stages of growth? And the white LED I’m just not sure about at all… I’ll post pictures but I’m not putting up the brands, that shouldn’t matter…

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To the contrary,
The lighting matters immensely!!!( actual draw from outlet…ect…)


First you can list brands as long you don’t put up a link to websites, links to Amazon is approved though. As far as the lighting goes you can run both veg and bloom switches. But wouldn’t be absolutely necessary. Definitely run both during flower.


Im fine with the duel switch one im good with but the new spider farmer 1000 is the one im not sure about… it’s so bright and puts out a lot more heat.

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I would only use the veg switch with my seedlings but then used both switches the rest of the time. It’s going to depend on the number of plants and the space that you are trying to grow in on if you’ll need all three. If you only need one of them use the sf it’s a better light.


I’m not sure if it has a dimmer switch. If so then you’ll want to adjust accordingly to control heat. Depending on space and height of your grow area. Difficult to give specific recommendations without knowing what area you have. A good way to check if it’s to much heat for plants is to put hand right above canopy, if it feels to warm to the back of your hand then raise light until it doesn’t.


Thanks, that’s what I had been doing. But wasn’t to sure. I’ll put up all of my specifications up next time I ask too

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Thanks so much I really appreciate the advice! I’ll put up all of my specifications up next time I ask too.