Guidance sought, old buds

A kind friend sent me some dried buds.
She says they are very, very old…
If you have been following my story, I am trying to find something to relax my brother who has cerebral palsy and serious anxiety. Soon they will put him on heavy drugs.
I am planning to make tea tonight, following the instructions in the recipes forum.
Attaching two pictures of a couple of buds, and approx. one gram I have crushed. They are very dry but still have a fragrance.
My plants are doing well but still many weeks away from![image|373x500](upload://fItjbFkZvRjX60wgzlB27RAKB95.jpeg)![image|373x500](upload://xp7PGOMGzXTFHBNkolBqOdpH3TD.jpeg)s being harvested and cured.

Any comments?

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@Supernoobie what is the concern with the old bud ?

Well, they were about 16 years old!

And yes, they did have enough potency left to make some nice tea!

Which did calm my brother for about 5 hours.

This might hold us over until my plants are ready.

Wow man glad it is helping your bro can not wait till you harvest
Nothing like growing your own medication
Cannabis has helped a lot of people with cerebral palsy and other similar medical problems
Hope it helps your brother
Happy growing

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Update: I took the rest of the old bud and made a spice tea, cooked it a long time, with coconut oil, adding a cinnamon stick and cloves. I’m storing it unstrained, in the

When Brother gets too anxious I am adding a few teaspoons of this to a half cup of chai tea. I make sure to get a spoonful of the hardened coconut oil in it… That’s probably where most of the THC is.
Meanwhile my plants are growing buds, but they are not nearly ready yet.
I sure appreciate all the help from this forum. 6 months ago I knew nothing about cannabis, and was getting desperate, since the doctors have nothing more to offer him. I am wondering if a daily dose would be a good idea, even when he’s not complaining.


Probably would be a good Idea to dose him daily
A regular regimen will help especially with the other things in it like cbd,cbg,and cbn all are beneficial