Guess who's starting a Grow Journal!?!?


Then your quote was right. You answered your own question. How about that. You are at the same point in flower as my grow. Do you want me to tag you when I harvest?
Heres what mine look like

Wed Aug 30 20-53-39

Wed Aug 30 20-57-43

Wed Aug 30 20-56-25



I’d speculate you are only about halfway through flowering @GetbackJoJo generally it’s about 8 weeks of flowering give or take.

Probably won’t be many white pistils at harvest time. The pic you showed looks like young pistils to me.

Patience is the hardest part!



Welcome to ILGM And our family of growers. Be sure and check out or fourm.
There is all kinds of things going on so feel free to join in ok

i would wait at least a week to a week an a half then harvest. I’m like you are and that’s when i do my harvest and get some killer stuff…just my opinion. and Welcome

Will joint


Thank you Will. I’ve actually been around posting for several months. I’m coming down the home stretch of my first grow and was looking for some advice on harvesting. Thank you for what you do for the community here!!!



I don’t get to see everyone who joins when they join. it may be a month or so before i catch up as in this case. You wouldn’t believe the ammout of question i answer and then the follow up questions on top of that. Plus i do other things for ilgm busy busy busy …lmao

Will 48


Checked the girls this morning. I fed them their weekly nutes yesterday. Touched one of the leaves this morning about halfway up one of the plants. So sticky! Also, my fingers now smell like WW!!


Hang in there @GetbackJoJo. Your almost there… You can make it a week and half…:v::sunglasses::seedling:


Yeah, I’ve got company coming this weekend and trying to figure out a plan. I may just zip up the greenhouse for a couple days. Supposed to rain here all day today and tomorrow and then get sunny for the weekend. They’ll be good for a couple days.
I’ll probably give them one more round of nutes next week and then straight water for a week. Harvest weekend will be the 16th.


Decided to just keep hiding them in plain site. Going to give them the final 2 weeks. Although I will say this, I was trimming some of the bottom leaves off earlier this week. I “accidentally” trimmed off a small bud from the smaller of my two. Let it dry in the garage for a couple days, and after a long day of moving my in-laws into my basement, I felt it was the proper time to test it out. I am currently stoned, in my chair, drinking a cold Shiner Bock, relaxed AF.


Sounds like a pretty good day to me!


Sounds about right. Harvesting my final WWA Tuesday and I believe you were just a few weeks behind.


Started today with 6.5 pH’d rainwater to flush for the last week. Trichs are mostly cloudy this morning with about 1/4 amber. Will probably take them some time this coming week. Going to trim all of the bigger sugar leaves later today.


Well Gang, I cut the girls down tonight. I’m actually a little sad right now. I’m also pretty f’ing high. Trimmed leaves for about an hour without gloves. Big mistake. (Or was it?!?) Gonna post my weight results on @bob31 topic of weight at harvest (150g).
This has been an amazing journey. Thank you to everyone (too many to mention here) that helped me get to this point. Thank you as well to ILGM for a great site, and a great helpful community!! This has been so much fun!!




Awesome @GetbackJoJo Congratulations!!!


Congratulations @GetbackJoJo
That’s so freakin sweet! Great job! :v::seedling::sunglasses:


That’s beautiful brother great job man!


Wanted to just wrap this first grow up with one final post. I ended up with right at 1 oz after drying. I haven’t had a chance to sample it as I was gone for a week working storm duty from Irma. This weekend will be good though. I did give a friend a couple small buds and he texted me last night saying it is “beautifully delicious”. He said it gave him such a creative energetic high. (He’s a painter and musician.)

So, thanks to all who helped along the way, to many to mention here. It may be a while before I can grow again as the in-laws have officially moved in. I’m hanging onto my BBA and WWA beans. I’ll try again some day soon. In the meantime, I will continue to watch other grows here and post what little knowledge I can pass on to those tha need it. Thank you again ILGM for such a great product and support community!!!


Missed seeing you around @GetbackJoJo good to hear all is well. Lots to do in between grows! I love your friends review!