Guess who’s back…… Se7en’s back 😏

Hi guys! Some of you may remember me from last Year some may not! Hope you’ve all been well! I’ll tag the ones I can remember in a few!

So, last time I did a little cherry bomb auto in a ghetto cupboard in my flat under a Vipaspectra 600w (260 true wattage) and came out surprisingly well! Of course thanks to all you magnificent guys in here! I love this place! So glad I could access my account again :pray:t2:

Anyways. This time round I am doing as follows OUTSIDE in my garden (hopefully)
Black Cherry Punch feminised X5
Diesel Berry Cough feminised X1
Gorilla Glue #4 SFV OG feminised X1
Strawberry Cheesecake Auto X1
Forbidden Runtz Auto X1

Anyone have any experience with these? Or had the chance to try any of these?

Then once they’re all done, I will likely be sticking to three specific strains. Which will be these:

Any advice on the Feminised being planted Oitside would be much appreciated! Never grown outside before thanks guys! Love you all! And to all my American brothers and sisters… happy Mother’s Day to you and all your moms :heart:

@Covertgrower @CalamityJane @CoyoteCody @Cannabian @Myfriendis410 @dbrn32 @patchman
Pretty sure I’ve missed some of you out but I hope you’re all doing well :pray:t2::clap:t2:


@BobbyDigital @blackthumbbetty

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Welcome back! Blackthumbbetty hasn’t been around for several months. Bobby is still pretty active.


Nice to meet you, welcome back.


Thanks brother! Ahhhh that’s a shame! I see Calamity Jane hasn’t been for a while either :laughing::sob: she was a real good friend of mine on here hopefully she’ll be back and BlackThumb :pray:t2: How are we all guys?


Thank you bro nice to meet you also!



We have a new bunch of very capable growers. The site keep evolving, and for the better.


Most definitely agreed! I was so happy to see it still very active and a tonne of new faces is great thing to see!! Everyone here has something in common :laughing::pray:t2:


Love to follow along, happy growing! :seedling: :potted_plant:


Welcome back! Good luck with your outdoor


Thanks guys it’s good to be back!! :grin: can’t wait to get them in the ground tomorrow!

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Haha welcome back! As someone who has selfimposed breaks quite often, I can agree with that statement. Nothing like this site…

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Ayyyyy long time bro! Hope you’ve been well! Yes most definitely! Huge amount of great people here!

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Aaaaand so it begins :relaxed:


Welcome back @Se7en i was curious to what are you going to feed them with being outside and are you going to amend your soil in anyway or just straight in the ground. I am thanking of growing a couple outside


Tbh I’m not too sure yet about outdoors :rofl: still doing a research on that, but I’ll be using Bio Bizz soil and Bio Bizz nutrients, all organic stuff which I use for indoor aswell

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I’ll probably do all the feminised outside make the most of the size they’ll get, and do the autos indoors I reckon


@danniep40 this is the soil I almost always use, I absolutely love it, and their nutrient range aswell I also use for the most part

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Thank you so much for sharing

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No worries at all :pray:t2: