Guess my gender?

Hello to you all.

I have a issue here identifying the gender of my plant.

From the information I have the plant is a photoperiod, was from a female plant that threw 3 seeds due to stress I decided to “give a try” and it has been in flower for approximately 2.5 weeks.

Due to poor management it may have been given colloidal silver in order to feminize. I do have it in a 4x4 tent with a legit ILGM chocolope which I don’t want pollinated if it is indeed a male or hermi.

Would I be doing the right thing by removing it?

Thank you

Need to see the plant in question

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RIP him out by the balls


Yeah get that out now. Definitely male. Is the other one flowering already. I don’t know if you can pull it out if the tent and spray it down and clean the tent. That sucker probably already dropped pollen. Any of those sacs look open?


Okay thought so.

I was 95% sure but good to check. The other is in flower also.

I’ll remove and clean as suggested.

Many thanks.


No problem, I hope you choco didn’t get pollinated!

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The next issue is that I took clones from both prior to the flip and mixed them up. Damn!

Should I put the clones in the flowering tent to get the sex before putting them outdoors for the natural photo season?