Guerilla Outdoor Marijuana Growing



I started a little late this year but i couldn't resist growing some green outdoors. The plants still have some time to vegetate but the yields won't be super high. Strain is unknown so we have to see that along the way. Here are some pictures




Select a location with a lot of vegetation to camouflage your marijuana plants. The more sun they get, the higher the yield. In this field they get sun all day...



Brambles on the ground protect your plants from any unwanted passengers (both humans and animals). It would be great if your grow site is surrounded by brambles or nettles.



Select a site, dig a 2 inch deep hole and fill it up with nutrient rich soil so they can survive the first few week without any fertilizers. If you don't have the option feed your plants some fertilizer make the hole bigger.



Put two cracked marijuana seeds (soaked in water for 48 hours) 1/2 inch deep. I use two seeds because these are regular. You can also use clones or feminized seeds. 



Cover the hole with some grass to hide it from any passengers and protect it from the sun the first week.



Mark your grow site somehow but not with a red flag. I always take some leaves off of a little tree.



Just like this



Day 5 The first seedlings start to show



Day 10



Day 15



Day 20 - They're doing great....


I selected 5 different grow sites. Maybe one will be discovered by some people, another eaten by rabbits or maybe one site has only males. But at least one or two have to make it to maturity. Update every 5 days or so, when i take my dog for a long walk...



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I can never find a good spot i foubd one but small crickets started to feed off the plant so they wernt doing good for awhile but now they are doing alot better and are growing strong

Need some advice

What about growing in Indonesia?
Since the government will kill anybody who grow this thing

But in the same time, there are a lot of places which could be the perfect place to hide this thing

And also what about the seeds?
I can’t find someone who will provide the seeds…