Guerilla grow; White widow (Auto); Outdoors

Started firsts twenty seeds on March 25, most sprouted the following day. Put into homemade soil mixture on March 27, and placed in grow room under 600W Metal halide bulb. I let them get adjusted to the sun a few days before I put them all outside in their final spots on April 23.

There are 18 in total in this batch and they’re looking lovely today on April 28th!!

These other 16 plants are the same strain and were sprouted the same way, they were put in soil on April 19th.

They are getting adjusted to the lovely sunshine while I get their final spots chopped and dug out.

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More pictures. I was kinda in a rush yesterday, all are White Widow autos

The big pants are around 35 days, the small seedlings are 10 days since they’ve sprouted.


I’m not an outdoor grower, but those look awfully close together for being outside.


Only the ones bred with ruderalis.

Sorry, read that wrong.

@Whyteboy1994 I’m with @dbrn32 those you have planted look really close even for autos. I’m growing photos and have them 4 to 6 ft apart. I’m ging to watch and see how they do.


What they said :arrow_up:

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That was my first thought as well. They get really big outside and need their space to grow

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I’m jealous of all that can grow outside. I live on a corner lot and all can see into my backyard. The only spots out of site has way too much shade from this great big tree in my backyard. Tried once to grow outside and the plant flowered way too soon due to the shade. So I grow indoors. Hope you keep showing pics as the season goes on. Love to see how big they will get.

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Had them in 10 gallon fabric pots (3 in each pot) and didn’t really like what I saw so I’ve stuffed them into a trench I’ve dug here in the woods. They were to heavy for me to carry anywhere else. Everyone is correct way to close together! We’ll see just how far I can get away with LST’ing these.

A lesson learned in my book!
I’m doing things different with every other plant. I was surely underestimating the size these plants are getting outside compared to my indoor plants!


Uploading: 20190430_153918.jpg…

A little LST’ing this evening


When is the earliest that’s recommended to put autos outside?
I’m anxious to get these in their final spot. @Sasquatch what week do your photos get planted in their final spots? And what’s going on with your grow that seed sprouted yet?

I usually wait till they are about 3weeks. But that’s mostly due to coler temps. Give them a week and let them rip

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The police may have gotten 15 of my plants there’s no other explanation on why the are gone. Plus I’ve found a game camera up in a tree, quite a few boot prints, lucky I’m part monkey and could get way up there to retrieve the camera. I’m always wearing mask and gloves so they couldn’t see me anyways but I’m pissed and they did steal my weed!

Im cool though I’ve got plenty more grow spots far far away. And they didn’t find my little runt that is doing great!

Got a email this morning about my sour diesel (photo) finally being shipped out, ill be dropping those in the water as soon as i get my hands on the package!! What kinda yield can i expect to get off a photoperiod plant this tone of year in my location? @Sasquatch


Remind me whet you are again… Don’t know if I’ve told you this before but I smoke weed…


Hahaa yeah! I’m about an hour east of Raleigh, NC.

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You shouldn’t have a problem with getting a photo in. Don’t know what to tell you on yield. Never really figured what I got off a plant. Lot of variables to consider. In 17 grew 7 plants. I’m still smoking that harvest. Lost my crop last year… But I’ve been smoking and giving this stuff away since october 17. If that gives you any idea.


I gotta get on my game with the watering schedule. I was hoping we would get more rain around here but it’s so dry.


I dropped my backpack on the one on the left and the one on the right is looking like she’s been dehydrating for two days!

This spot is only getting around 8 1/2 hours of sunlight i wish i could do more but it’s my back up spot lol if that makes sense