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Only 1 the black widow. I only planted 1 of each was hoping to clone it not sure if it will be ready in time. Ive planted more hope they do better…


Sup bra, :call_me_hand:t6: @DAMAN-NZ


Bloody lost my phone clearing out some flax lol so, gonna cut the tops off and clone them then I’ll turn the clones to flower under a light to see which ones are male and female. Numbering each one from parent plant will be moving them up some time in the next few weeks. Jus bought a couple t5 lights from mitre 10 for my clone boxes. Finally got a tap to the plot. Black widow is up shes away now will try post more pics when I get home.


Crosses fingers for more female plants for u, my mkultra plant is doing good blue dream just sitting there but the gorilla glue looks bad, yellowing bitten leave but dark green top leaves , also quite wet at the moment in the soil so I removed the pea straw to let it dry out abit , funny thing is the one bag seed I sowed later then these ilgm seeds is doing way better…



Its been a while. Soo we’ve gotten 13 plants to the plot. Cut clones off each. In this pic I’ve got the clones and a few more bag seeds. In the pb bag is black widow her stalk got fuked so I’ve buried it hope she bounces back I’ve also planted 3 big bud seeds should be ready. Finkn of chucking heaps in the maze, make a big cabbage patch. I’ll try get pics of plot tomorrow


How’s it going? Wish I could help you out in your plot :frowning: Would learn heaps… anyways here is my grow.

this is blue dream it’s comming back a few new growth points. here is mk ultra it’s looking good quite a few side branches shooting off, gorilla glue not so good had to sow another seed but hopefull older one will recover. @DAMAN-NZ


a few more pics


Got the water system up and running now into our fert holes. Got third round of clones going into box. We have a total of 19 plants up there so far. BB seeds not so great 1 out of 3 GG none of them came up partly my fault neglect. 2 BW coming along slow.


How’s the grow been bro @DAMAN-NZ