Guerilla grow sitee2


Great ideas :+1:t6: How many grows have you done? Sounds like you have everything covered …


You can never cover all bases bro but when you can, do it. I use to grow in my closet up in aucks gone country boy now so probly 13 years. Still a young buck plenty to learn. Jus love reaping the rewards of my labour bro.


That’s true there’s always things to learn, I’m into my 3rd grow , nice sunny warm weather atm which helps .


This morning was almost frosty were I am its beautiful now but think if they were out they would have almost died.


I’m planning to put mine outside in 2-3 weeks, u recon it be alrite then?, I’m not far from aucks


The 1z in the photo might be algud not sure how your bag weed 1z are getn on.


@DAMAN-NZ hey bro I noticed lil white hairs on my blue dream plant , they’re grown a lil bit since that photo I posted was taken, is the lil white hairs something I should worry about at it being so young? My other grows didn’t have hairs this early. I know they are female showing the hairs but thought they grew them when they started to flower ?


Is your Blue dream plant an auto? If she’s showing pistils then she’s started to flower. Therea no way to control this on an auto, they flower when they want to.


No she’s a fem, she’s not ment to flower till next year lol, would putting her outside permanently help turn her back ? More light etc? @raustin


She’s not an auto? Then is she under 12/12 lighting? Because that’s the only way she can flower. Putting her outside at this time of year depends on where you are. If you’re in Australia, then yes, that would help, but not if you’re in the northern hemisphere because the days are getting shorter, too short to keep her from flowering.


Im in New Zealand which is right next to Australia, she’s currently just in my shed window with no added light, I’m doing no different to which I usually do each year, I’m guessing the light is not good enough? I had just started to put outside for four hours a day to get them used to being outside. @raustin


Ok, then yes, put her outside. She’s obviously not getting enough light, so when you put her outside she’s going to have to reveg.


One last question have u got any tricks to help her reveg? Going to be planted outside tomorrow when it’s light again, soz for all the questions but just unsure,


Don’t be sorry to ask questions, it’s not a problem. Unfortunately, I don’t have any tricks to make her re-veg. It’s a process she just has to go through all by herself, but don’t worry it’ll happen.


She’ll be right bro. Our sun hours are 12h an 39mins today bro and it’ll add a minute to two minutes more each day. May pay to put them out in direct sunlight all day long. I got mine in a broken car down the back. They get sunlight most the day and are turning to vege. Jus gotta leave the doors open during the day.


I planted them at the bros house this morning, the blue dream the smallest of the three and was abit yellow, gave it a feed hopefully with those sun hours and in its permanent home it pick up


Yeh definitely, jus give them time to get comfortable in there new homes. Ill try post some pics tomorrow.


few pics


I’ve moved mine into pb5 bags, they’ve been in them for 2weeks now. Looks like there getting use to them now 2 more 4 weeks an Ill move them bigger again.


Looking healthy there , how big will u let them grow before planting them in the bush? Are Your ilgm seeds going good?