Guerilla Gorilla (plus others)

Hello all,

I’m new to the forum. I came online to get an answer to an ILGM question (which was handled promptly by ILGM) and figured I’d post up some pictures of my first ever outdoor grow. These are from this year’s growing season. I’m growing exclusively outdoors for the time being so I have a few months down time before I start more seedlings in late April. There’s some ILGM Gorilla Glue, Gold Leaf and a blue something of unknown genetics (seed was given to me by a friend).



Doo Doo Doo Lookin’ out my back door Tambourines and Elephants are playin’ in the band, won’t you take a ride…
Got lost for a moment there! Nice buds Turtles! Welcome to ILGM forum!


Growing outdoors is awesome :clap:


Thanks. I think I’ll stick around for awhile.

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I agree. This was my first ever outdoor grow, and first grow since about 2007 (long story). I put out 11 plants (2 were autos so significantly smaller) figuring half would die for some reason or another(bugs, deer, etc.). ALL survived to harvest. The amount of bud was far more than I expected. Wow!



Nice plants, must have been a big harvest :+1: stick around you’ll love it here :v:

Love your outdoor plants! Nice growing and welcome to the forum! :v::bear:

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Thank you and yes the harvest was large. I couldn’t believe it. It was quite fun to drop off a paper shopping bag filled with bud at my brother’s house. “Here ya go buddy. Enjoy!”