Guatelopian (outdoor landrace cross}

finally back after some health issues, lost my G13’s dues do health but back with one crazy sativa. Just a quick little rundown of this plant. Even tho it is preferred as an outdoor, I just had to do it indoors. I am going to add photos of from the start of veg because she is a beast. Going thru a bit of aphids at the moment and thnx to a few that I posted in (pests) a few came thru to help me out, but here she is from day 1 of veg up until I put her in 12/12 lighting on the 20th of Oct. This is some really killer weed if you can find them. I got these seeds from a buddy from PSGx. I am doing this in a 5x5 tent with HLG 550v2 in lava rock with AN jungle juice nutes.
The best of two hemispheres collided in a San Fernando outdoor garden by accident!!! The Ethiopian was a monster narcotic giant and the Guatemalan was a small thin leaf close to the equator jungle bush sativa. We named it Guatelopian!!! It has been interesting to see them bred into each other. This is for your outdoor grows it is longtime weed so throw some outdoors or in the woods and just let them go. Guatelopian is pest mildew and disease resistant almost impossible to kill actually perfect for an outdoor sativa head that enjoys old school terp unique flavors and is a first time grower with the gift of 14 weeks of patience. A true gem of a strain a sincere revelation. In the future I plan on playing with it and crossing a far east Asian Asian landrace into it next.
Dat 1 of veg.Sept. 13th

Sept 18th, 5 days in to veg

Sept 24th. 11 days in

Oct. 5th. 22 days in.

Oct. 13th. day 30 of veg

Oct 25th. day 42. 5 days in to 12/12 lighting

Will try to keep this updated barring any issues. I am going thru a bit of aphid issue as of the 26th but will go by a few that posted in my pest post. Thnx everyone!! Luv this place!!


My man, happy to see you back. I was wondering where you disappeared to. Hopefully your issues are in the past. Set to watch. Your grows are really amazing and a joy to watch.

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thnx @Bulldognuts. Hopin they are in the past. Till then, i hope to be here more often, missed this place the last few months.


That’s some impressive growth! Watching.:+1::v:

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woww those are beastly looking set to watch…good luck

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I’m here to you definitely impressed me and I have learned a whole bunch from you also…:+1::v:

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Set to watch. Cheers @Bulldognuts

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Day 14 of flower. she has gotten big with nice bud sites