Guarantee from ILGM on femmed products?


I purchased my seeds from ILGM and so far they have been GREAT with support and with valuable information … My girl was asking about the males and females … I told her males are pretty much useless and when you sex them , you throw them out … She asked what if you have males ? I said I bought seeds that are femmed and so their shouldnt be any males … I paid almost $65.00 for 5 seeds and was wondering what does ILGM do if the ones they send you are males ???


In all honesty I’ve never had any turn male but I’m just starting to get going Full Throttle on all my purchases. So I have not tried all the strains that I have purchased yet. But to answer your question I have read on here that people have posted when a seed does not sprout or germinate and you’re following their grow instructions I heard they will send you another seed to make up for it! From my experience with the seed site is really amazing. I’ve made 3 orders and all of mine have arrived without issue and in time. Not to mention I send cash! So I have no doubt that their customer service is pretty good and they will work with you if one of yours does turn out to be male.
I’m sure some more experienced and long-time members can give you a concrete answer to your question. I’ve only been a member for a few months now. Good luck and enjoy your growing!


only time you will get a male is to buy regular seeds @bluethumb
females can herm out though


Bought the Northern lights (fem) … Is that considered regular seeds ??


northern lights fem will be all females @bluethumb


Anything that says fem will be a female.or atleast should be.there are the rare cases of them being male due to whatever reasons. Or hermaphrodites. But that is usually human error.


I did my research before buying any products . ILGM was the best rated and thats why I went with them … Also why I purchased the fem products from them. I know they are bred for this purpose , but what happens if I do get a male , I rightly cant just send the tree back to them , lol


They will send you more seeds, but your chances of getting a Male with fem’d seeds is small.


In the rare circumstance this happens, you should just contact customer support via the support link on the seed bank page. ILGM provides great customer support.


ILGM guarantees their seeds to be what they say and to germinate. They do not guarantee you’ll know what your doing with them. Your doing the right thing asking questions @bluethumb . There are lots of growers here that have been in your spot at one time and willing to help when you need it.
Welcome to the forum and good luck with your grow.


No need to send back plant. Ilgm has such superior genetics even germination problems are rare unless operator error. Ive had one seed not sprout & was issued a $10 credit @ seed shop. Only way to see balls on fem plant is to herme her.


I was kidding on sending the plants back , lol , As far as the questions go , It pays to ask instead of getting it wrong , you cant go back , This is my first grow and after a few stumbles , they are looking good in my book , Yep


I agree, Great Job!!