GSE Auto - fall colors

I’m growing some GSE autos and curious how soon can a flower start showing fall colors?

Those that have grown it, what week did you start to see that change?

Lil pic of one of my gals at lights on

Happy Growing!


Chances are you won’t see them at all.
Waiting for the leaves to die and change color you could miss the sweet peak of harvest.
All that beautiful THC-A will turn to CBD and it will be a wasted grow.

Haven’t grown that strain but mine start to show color, if they are going to, around 5-6 weeks into flower. You dropping temp at night?

Thats whats up, appreciate the responses!

I’m starting to round week 5 on this gal, have a feeling she may start to show soon. Been hopeful id have a tent full of those beautiful colors to go with the killer herbs :herb:.

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Should be any time now! I’ve had a purple haze that showed zero purple and other plants not known for it show. So you never know though.

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I’ll give the post an update if these ladies decide to shine.

Have a great day!

Whatcha think?

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I just chopped mine yesterday… My leaves started changing color about 2 weeks ago.


She was a beaut and nice haul! What was the dryed weight if ya don’t mind me askin?

I’m not sure. I just hung it yesterday…

Ah, looked right over that detail, haha.

Well killer job man, turned out noice!

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As you know I just finished my first grow with GSCE autos and looking back in my journal I noticed colors popping up about 2 months after planting. Planted on 10/9 and noticed some color on 12/4.

Just the tips, but some color none the less.
Here’s what it looked like on the 26th.

They should start coming in any day now for you I’d imagine.


Yea man! You rocked those. Soo colorful

Went down to water a couple at lunch and purps are most certainly starting to pop. Especially with Temps hitting 66 at night for an hour or so.

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Couple of the further along plants showing some colors now. A couple diff phenos for sure




So frosty! Keep on doing what you’re doing.

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