GSCE plant that has been flowering for a month but not blooming

From a fellow grower: It is a GSCE fem.
12/12 light cycle for a month in a tent by itself.
I’m using 1 tsp of you bloom nutrients per gallon.
It’s about 68-70 in the room and 40% humidity
I have an Electric Sky 180 led lamp with a fan
The plant is very healthy but seems to be in a state of partial bloom forever


Welcome not familiar with the the electric sky light but my first thoughts would be you might be a little shy on Lights to get great finish products. They may be somebody on here that has used that light good luck

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Are you sure that your led is turning off all the way…
Some people have been having issues with that do to funky house wiring and funky timers…
Also make sure that the timer is still set right…

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Not trying to be rude but, by that picture the plant doesn’t look right. Can you get a better pic?

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I thought the same thing but moved on thinking I just did not know what to say.
Its kinda like the plant wants to keep on vegging. Big fan leaves really tight spacing yet pistils all over.
Wonder if its some wonky genetics presenting itself. ???
I am kinda baffled.
A picture of the whole plant might be helpful.

Looks like what happens when monster cropping. Sent into flower then went over the 12 hour light cycle after getting pistols.

I just finished a GSC and it took 3 months to bloom. She reached over 60” tall and with a 8oz yield dry. :heart_eyes:

Looks re-veggy…

Check for light leaks, check your timers, etc.

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These are a few more pictures of my GSCE.
I noticed this morning that it looks like it’s starting to stretch

There is no light leaks and as you can see it’s in a stand alone environment
Timer is on 12/12

Hey, @Dadoman, welcome to ILGM. Check your timer, make sure you don’t have an ‘on’ section in the middle of lights out. I hope I’m wrong, but it looks like male parts growing, which would be caused by stress of some sort. She could use a trim, to help with airflow. Can you get a better picture of that budsite?

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