GSCE Outdoor Auto

First time gardener worried about my girl. I’m using the 2 gallon grow kit with ILGM GSCE autoflower seeds. She was started inside but has been outdoors since early May. As the kit suggests, I have not been adding anything additional other than dechlorinated water. Today is day 51 from sprout and I feel the leaves are yellowing. I previously had some aphid damage but have been treating every few days with Jacks Dead Bug spray as the neem oil didn’t seem to deter the bugs. In addition I think her colas may be a bit small for her age. I would appreciate any advice on what may going on with my girl and anything I can do to try and remedy the issue. I don’t want to lose her at the end!

Welcome to the forum. She doesn’t look anything like you’re gonna lose her. Some yellowing is too be expected as they age. Buds are nice, when did you first start setting the pistils on her head?

Question, are you checking PH of your water?

WELCOME TO THE FORUM! (I always forget)

Thank you for the warm welcome!! Hopefully I am just a bit cautious regarding her color. It’s been a fun journey so far but there are so many variables to consider.

I first noticed pistils on day 35 and she seems to be stacking them up since then. Typically I water with tap water that has set out for at least 24 hours to allow the chlorine to dissipate. I haven’t checked my pH as we have very good local water but probably should get a baseline read just to be sure. She also gets rain water as she lives outside.

I’m going to try adding some molasses or honey to my water on my next feed. We currently have rain forecasted for the next day so it’ll be a couple days until that occurs.

Fingers crossed the next few weeks go smoothly!!

Nice plan. Looking good. Keep us updated… we love pictures


Another update on my girl!

Since my last post we’ve experienced some heavy rain that left her a bit soaked. I managed to keep her fairly dry after the initial burst of rain by using a makeshift shelter. The rain did get mist in but I shook her leaves as much as I could.

The next few days were sunny and warm and she returned to the deck to dry out for the honey water feed. The temperatures were in the high 70s-90s with relative humidity on most days around 83%

I’ve been checking her throughout the days, monitoring her condition and conservatively removing any leaves with bug damage or blocking lower buds, etc.

Yesterday, I noticed a gray spot on one of her buds. Initially thinking it was an insect I decided to carefully pluck out the area to inspect further. I wasn’t sure if this was just the beginning of a color change or something more serious. In the moment I didn’t think to note the site of the discoloration.

This morning I did my daily garden chores and checked on my girl. While adjusting her LST I have come across an extremely worrying bud site.

I snapped off the bud and washed my hands. I then inspected every bud site on the plant. I cannot locate another area with any of the discoloration or grayish mold/rot seen above. I marked the branch and pulled the LST as far from the other branches as possible and handled it as little as possible.

My main concern is to ID if this is bud rot and if I need to take some kind of action. She is 56 days from sprout and still has a ton of white pistils.

Any advice is highly appreciated to help my girl to end.