GSCE new pistils or?

A majestic Girl Scout Cookies Extreme, just starting her 8th week of flower. FFHF, FF nutes, HLG 260XL.

Is she throwing out new pistils? I did see something that looked vaguely like a nanner earlier, but I quickly tweezed it out and tossed it away. Are these other newish growths would-be nanners, or just new whitish/yellowish pistils?

I’ve read that this late in flower, environmental stress can drive a female to try and self-pollinate. My light is strong, but I’ve got it turned up only halfway and it’s about a foot away from the tallest colas.
Also, we had a blackout the other night for about an hour and a half. The tent was already dark, but I didn’t reset the clock on it to the previous time. We also just harvested its buddy Gorilla Glue (also ILGM) two days ago, so maybe she’s lonely, LOL.

There’s some amber on her top buds, but some of the lower buds still have clear trichs. Should I harvest anything that looks nannerish and leave the rest to mature at its own pace? Or harvest the whole plant now?

Thanks to all who respond!

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I think if you just let her go she would produce pistils till she is polinated, or dies which ever comes first.

I’ve got 4 GSCE at week 5 cooking, great strain you picked.

To keep my answer simple, let her ride. You don’t have much time left. You can adverse select the buds when ripe, meaning keep the ones still growing, and harvest the ones that are done.

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