GscE grow auto up to week 9 from seed

Girl Scout cookie extreem
Soil fox farm happy frog
ro water ph 6.8
Neuts Fox farm trio terpinator and cal mag
Run off 6.3 to 6.6
Temps germ 26c 65h
Veg 25c 50h
Flower 22-24c 40h


Wow looks great!


These look amazing. I’m on first ever grow and am at 2 weeks from sprout with my GSCE. I hope she looks as good as yours!

This is the gsce I got growing right now. Haven’t done much with it, have just been letter her do her thing. Hit flower a little over a week ago


Looking good, may want to defoliate a little, just my two cents.
Happy gardening

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Yea its in the plans. I’ve left this girl outside and have just kind of ignored her. I figure Ill go out there at some point to give her some tlc.

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Man I soooooooo need/want to get a bigger tent :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: Just finishing my first grow ever, GDP autos, and my 2x4 tent leaves me wanting a larger space lol

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